14 Great Things About Spending Valentine's Day On Your Own!

> 14 Great Things About Spending Valentine's Day On Your Own!

Here comes another Valentine’s Day and here you are on your own again, feeling sorry. Even though Valentine’s Day is nothing more than another day to buy expensive gifts and make each other ‘happy’, you secretly want to become a part of this madness. But don’t feel bad, spending Valentine’s Day on your own might actually be much more beneficial than you think. 

Come take a look and stop thinking so bad about yourself! Be glad you are on your own!


1. Your strength against social dynamics grows and you will defend yourself better in the future.

Your responses to people making fun of you being on your own gets better and better. Your self confidence gets better each and every year.

2. Eventually, you start giving quicker responses and have better reflexes.

We don’t need to tell you how much you can benefit from this in all parts of your life.

3. Every Valentine’s Day you spend alone prepares you for a healthier and stronger future relationship.

You know the value of the things you own and you hold on to your partner as hard as you can.

4. It makes you more selfish.

But not that kind of selfish. You just look after yourself and you want to make the best of your life.

5. You get better at controlling yourself.

You don’t easily give up when you see happy couples. You know your time will come.

6. You start looking at things with a different perspective. You have better observation skills.

Because you have the option to sit down and observe all those happy and loving couples and see what they are doing right or wrong.

7. Sharing is good, everyone needs someone else to share the love.

It’s hard to realize how important this is when you are in a relationship. When you are on your own, you discover the importance of sharing.

8. You go over your priorities.

You sit down and think why you are on your own, why you chose it and what were your other priorities. It’s always nice to be able to line things up.

9. You are a better fighter, you tackle problems much more easily.

Even though all your friends and all the society are going crazy about Valentine’s Day, you hold up on your own.

10. You are a member of the society and you are on your own after all.

No one has people around them whenever they feel bad. You get better standing on your own.

11. You start reading other people’s minds and feelings better.

Because as we mentioned before you observe and you anticipate.

12. You are more disciplined, you control your emotions.

Even if you are so happy, upset or excited, you control all these emotions and you don’t let them take over you. Just like a poker player, you don’t show face.

13. It reminds you of your limits, boundaries.

It lowers your ego, gets you back in line and makes you realize what you can or can’t do.

14. Lastly, you make the most of your time alone…

Do we need to say more? You are on your own and you control your free time. Do whatever it is you want to do.