14 Examples Of Sibling Love (Or Hate) From TV!


Every series needs such solid siblings, because the thing about the family is that no matter how mad we are at our family members, we can't really get rid of them. So, sooner or later, we have to make up and make things 'acceptable,' if not good again. The dynamics of family have so much potential to explore the intense emotions on TV, let's remember some fictional siblings in our nostalgic journey into TV series.

1. Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows (Prison Break)


What else could you want as long as you have such an amazing brother who will do anything for you?

2. Claire Dunphy and Mitchell Pritchett (Modern Family)

Masculine sister and gay brother... These two used to be an ice-skating duo and are actually quite similar in character; and are always there for each other!

3. Damon and Stefan Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries)


Well, when you live for centuries, it is impossible to fight. These two guys like the same girl, but it is pretty clear that these handsome brothers love each other.

4. Ross and Monica Geller (Friends)


Yes, these are the most fun siblings on the list. We love them both!

5. Dexter and Debra Morgan (Dexter)


One is a serial killer and the other one has a foul mouth; only interesting interactions and events can follow!

6. Stark Siblings (Game of Thrones)


Although these guys were separated after the first episodes and could never reunite again, the Stark blood running through their veins kept them together.

7. Tyrion, Cersei and Jaime Lannister (Game of Thrones)


Well, they have a rather different sense of being 'siblings'...

8. Daryl and Merle Dixon (The Walking Dead)


Even if we are talking about a troubled brother, once he turns into a zombie, it is impossible to blink one's tears back. If Daryl was this sad, who wouldn't be?

9. Charlie and Alan Harper (Two and a Half Man)


We learned from them that it can be fun to live in the same house, even if your personalities are opposite, especially if there is a kid around as well!

10. Oliver and Thea Queen (Arrow)


These guys are true examples! Whenever one of them is in trouble, the other one runs for help.

11. Boone and Shannon (Lost)


Especially Boone had to try very hard to protect his step sister on the island. Their love for each other was real and big.

12. Fisher Siblings (Six Feet Under)

This is a very realistic observation: although these guys seem to be disconnected, they always have each others' backs, no matter what.

13. Gallagher Siblings (Shameless)


We actually feel obliged to talk about each of them separately. These guys are the craziest, naughtiest siblings that TV history can ever witness. Although they always experience problems, they at least live life to the fullest!

14. Dean and Sam Winchester (Supernatural)


These dudes are too special to be depicted with words. They can write a book on being siblings with all they have been through for the whole 11 seasons. They agreed to go to hell for each other. Whenever you watch them, you might feel like hugging your own brother/sister!

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