14 Etiquette Lessons That Parents Should Be Paying Attention To!


14 simple but extremely important etiquette and manners that parents should be paying attention while they are with their kids. Please stop raising more scumbags like the world needs more. Raise a proper lady or a proper gentleman!

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1. Teach your kids to when or how to say "please" and "thank you".

2. Don't push them too hard for games or sports. They are just kids, decrease the competition.

3. Clean up after their mess in restaurants.

4. When your kid starts crying in crowded public places (like cinema), take them out. TAKE THEM OUT ASAP!

5. When other parents ask about your kids, don't only answer questions but also ask questions about their kids too.

6. But don't ask too personal questions.

7. Keep calm when other people criticize your parenting in public.

Dear parents, you need to control your kids and also yourselves.

8. When you drop your kid for a play-date, don't forget to have a small talk with other kids' parents.

9. Don't insist on bringing your kids to an adult meeting, dinner or party.

10. If your child damages someone's property, offer them to pay for it.

11. Don't send your sick child to school, kindergarten or school trips!

Think about other kids too!

12. If your kid creates a big mess in a store, try to help to employees clean it.

13. Don't fight when kids are around.

14. Be an example to your child with your manners.

Don't say it, do it.

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