14 Emotional Illustrations Showing The Deep Bond Between Dads And Daughters!


Family members are the first people we interact to when we are born. We owe everything we have learned to our parents and family. The talented artist Soosh noticed this precious fact and wanted to make a project out of the special relationship between fathers and daughters.

Here are heartwarming illustrations that are perfectly summing up the father-daughter relationship!

***This article was originally published on boredpanda.

1. Nothing is impossible for dads! They can even learn to braid just to make their daughters happy!

2. Your dad knows how to make you feel like you're on top of the world!

3. Taking a nap never felt this comfortable...

4. Dads are our first heros. They willingly protect us from the monsters under our beds.

5. A big dad can easily sacrifice anything for his daughter.

6. A dad is the only person who is always up for a tea party!

7. Dads are the ultimate play mates!

8. That is the reason why it's always hard to let them go!

9. What will be your next move, dear?

10. Making trees from shadows...

11. Inspectors are on their way, Sir! Be patient!

12. Even the most random game requests are important for them!

13. Because dads know how to make life fun!

14. We love our dads so much!

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