13 Reasons Why Good Old Phones Beat Smart Phones!


Technology brings wonders into our lives. That goes without saying! However, it seems like each and every new model of smartphones are just less and less durable and their battery problems are just a massive pain in the a**. Here we go over the good old days and realize why old phones were actually better than today's phones.

1. Old phones never required updates as smart phones do continuously.

2. Nothing would’ve happened if you threw an old phone from the 3rd floor. But smart phones, which cost hundreds, fall into pieces when you drop them off from 10 centimeters.

A bullet can’t even break them.

3. While we celebrate when our smart phone doesn’t die during the day, old cell phone batteries would last 3-4 days.

4. We just carried the phone when they got old, but now we have to carry the charger too.

5. While old phones lived for more than 15 years, smart phones' lifetimes are only a couple of years.

6. While old phones had reasonable prices, we need to pay huge amounts of money to get a smart phone.

7. It was easy to type with old phones. Smart phone’s touch screens and autocorrect increase the possibility of making a mistake as well as the time of typing.

There are people who can type fast with smartphones, and we respect them.

8. Since old phones were too big, we never forgot them anywhere because we could feel their absences. But smart phones are so thin that we always need to check if we have them or not.

9. Old phones provided a safety since they had buttons on them, we didn’t had the fear of pushing them by mistake. But smart phone’s touch screens make us worried.

“Shit, I accidently pressed send”

10. Old phones were just devices to help us meet up with others. Now we meet up and constantly check our smart phones.

11. Old phones were just used to call and text. Smart phones have become our lives. They’re full of our privacy.

If someone gets it, we’re screwed.

12. We were using old phones comfortably without the fear of damaging them. Now, we’re extremely careful with our smart phones to keep them safe.

13. While old phones had so many kinds, smart phones are all the same, with their black screens.

Okay, we complimented the old phones a lot, but smart phones are awesome! A perfect technology, sliding and stuff. So glad to have them!

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