13 Idiotic Things We All Do Out Of Pure Laziness!


Forget what Bill Gates has to say about lazy people. We may not be world leaders or rocket scientists but damnit we can find the most creative solutions to avoid spending extra energy. Admit it! You do all of these as well!

1. When someone’s at the door and you’re just too lazy to go to the door so you just play dead.

2. Trying to take off your socks without using hands especially during winter.

3. Too lazy to pick up an ashtray so I’ll just use my keyboard.

4. When you have to pee just before going to bed. “I’ll just hold it and do it in the morning.” If you really HAVE to, you’ll need another reason to leave the bed.

5. Not using a beach towel since you’ll get wet again.

6. Since you’ll mess it up again, you don’t have to make the bed.

7. Using extreme aerobics to turn the light on because you can’t get up.

8. Turning your consoles, computers and such with your foot.

9. Briefly ironing the shirt after you put it on.

10. Taking the shirt off without unbuttoning it.

11. Just unzip and pee. No one has time to undo the pants.

12. Dreading to hop into the shower and then dreading to leave it once you do.

13. When you realize the light is on just as you went into bed…

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