13 Cruel Ways You're Spending Your Salary Before You Even Realize!


Hello to everyone who spends their salary in less than a week! I hear you! Because it is not easy to survive while spending. You're not necessarily spending it on luxury items, just primarily needs. If you feel sad enough, start reading below...

1. The first day deserves a good celebration: Treat yourself to a fancy dinner.


It is a long time tradition to treat yourself with food on payday. Even if you spend it on a small burger, the rest will come easily and quickly.

2. Telling yourself that you worked hard to drink hard!


You absolutely deserve it but you don't know what you've started. It always starts with ''one'' drink until you order the next! But doesn't matter, you just got paid...

3. ''It's already late anyways," is the best excuse to take a taxi instead of public transportation!


In these times you can comfort yourself with the times you avoid taking a cab. You just spent a quarter of your salary. You are rich beyatch!

4. Pretend to be dead. The landlord is here!


You would be so happy if you weren't paying any rent, wouldn't you? But there is a reason you are paid, to waste it then blame it on rent!

5. Ignore the bills, you don't know them!


There is always a forgotten bill in a box that you find at the least expected moment to ruin your mood! You can't even enjoy your salary before you let it go with the bills.

6. Paying your nonsense flat fee under peer pressure!

Once you forget to pay it, you mess-up! You forget it twice, you are dead! We look forward to seeing them use this money to fix the broken elevator!

7. Going shopping to buy clothes to look good for your co-workers!

We hope you chase after sales and discounts since we assume you are not ''that'' rich!

8. Spending your money on the buses you hardly get in!

You have to go to work, we know! You spend half of your salary on public transportation and you shall not die in the crowd!

9. It all begins with ''let's go to park, it's free!!"

Then watch your money leaving your pocket into the fresh air!

10. Buying a flute for the potential Mozart in the house!

There is not only a flute, they will ask for a lot of ''necessary'' things for your kids own good for school. Just wait!

11. Ohh, I ALMOST survived this month. Wait, she is getting married next week!


We could be a great speaker for a panel called ''How I Became Poor While Enjoying Life''...

12. Paying the minimum balance on bills each month, while you spend on your card like there is no tomorrow!


It is a vicious cycle. Get your salary, pay your bill, spend on the card, pay the card bill. Where is your God now?

13. Eat eggs till next month. At least it's healthy.


Try your eggs differently to have some joy. :(

Btw, how do you eat your eggs?

With onion of course!
WTF is onion in eggs?
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