12 Signs Showing You've Gone Nuts


Am I crazy for making this list in the first place? Maybe I
just want to know if I’m alone or not? HEY WAIT IS THAT A GHOST?!

1. Incredibly fast mood swings…

2. Buying things you really don’t need.

As in pet food when you don’t even have one.

3. Adopting your 10th cat…

4. Cutting your hair without even thinking about it!

5. Love and hate relationship with certain songs.

6. Creating impossible scenarios and getting obsessed about them.

7. Claiming you hear things other people don’t.

“Dude did you hear that?” 

“Hear what?” 

“A unicorn taking a loud poop."

8. Driving an imaginary car.

Unless you’re still a kid.

9. Imaginary friends...

10. Thinking you just conquered the city or own the place!

11. Purposely driving during rush hours.

12. Oh and if you are in love!

If you have any of these going on, it’s not looking too sane for you!

Source: http://onedio.com/haber/kafayi-yediginiz...
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