12 Reason Why You Should Take Eggplant As An Example!


It's not just a simple vegetable. I think you should know by now how serious we take our food, and deeply examine all the messages it's trying to give us...And now comes the eggplant!

1. Compared to all the other vegetables, it has low levels of nicotine...Use everything reasonably...

2. Versatility is important. You can fry, deep fry, oven bake or cook your eggplant in many different ways.


3. Know and love yourself! Eggplants have many different shapes, colors and looks!

4. Its purple is one of a kind, among all other vegetables! You are unique...Discover yourself...

5. You need to use salt to suppress its bitterness. You can find remedy for all your pain!

6. You can peel it in many different ways, but it'll still look and taste good all together!

7. You can find eggplant recipes in almost every restaurant, ranging from one start to Michelin restaurants...Learn how to fit in every place.

8. The highly toxic solanin found in immature eggplant fades away completely after you cook it. Protect yourself from incomplete people and things!

9. Eggplant is poisonous for almost all animals. Only humans are able to consume it. Mankind is rare, mankind is precious...


10. Ranging from weight loss to high blood sugar levels, it helps cure many diseases. Always be helpful!

11. You can use it to make eggplant jams and pickles! Don't be fooled with appearance...

12. Last but not least, don't make hasty decisions!

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