10 Unique Memories You'll Always Share With Your First Love


You keep telling yourself that they’re forgotten and long gone. But they never are…

1. Thrill

That first thrill; the way your heart started beating when you saw her. You never forget those feelings, and you won’t easily feel the same way about anyone else. Mainly, because you thought all these new sensations were exclusive to her, and you've never felt them before. You shouldn’t think you will feel the very same things for your next lover, because that would raise the bar far too high.

2. First kiss

Maybe you’ll have a million kisses in your life, but that first kiss…That's the moment when you first experienced how it felt, and how it made you tingle.

3. The scent

The first person you are intimate with had their own smell. You will always think about that and feel warm inside. All those good memories will come to your mind when you smell something similar.

4. The first L word…

That powerful sentence you never thought you’d say to someone... The first time those words made perfect sense, and the first time they were responded to the same way. That special feeling will remain the same forever.

5. The hands

What’s the normal body temperature? You probably thought it was 200 degrees when you first held hands. It will never feel as warm when you hold hands with someone else.

6. That smile…

The first time you realized someone was smiling at you with a heart full of love. That re-assuring, comforting feeling when you first saw her smile will also be with you forever.

7. First fight

Even though it’s a bad memory, it’s equally cute. You will always remember how you tried so hard to explain yourself, and how you were scared shitless that she would leave you.

8. Fist breakup

If you didn’t marry your first love, you will experience a massive breakup and hurt feelings from them.

9. The sorrow, their missing absence

Every second you spend apart will feel like torture. Only you will know how they made you feel.

10. An endless void…

Even if it was years ago, you will still remember them, and feel an emptiness inside of you. That emptiness won’t be easily filled by someone else.

Here, you are thinking about it again…

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