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> 10 Things You Can Do To Keep Fit If Exercising Is Not On The Books!

Exercise means different things to different people. If you think that exercise is one hour a day, five days a week, and you are working 40–60 hours per week with family and social duties in between, then you don’t have time to do this sort of exercise. But if you change your mindset to consider that exercise is simply a deliberate attempt at moving around more vigorously than usual, then no matter how busy you are, you definitely have time to exercise.

Let's see what you can do without hitting the gym and spending half your income.

1. Use Stairs

Going up 40-45 steps make you lose at least 2 kilos a year. If you go up 180-200 steps every day, you lose eight kilos of fat a year. Moreover, you don't pay money to any dietitians, dietary supplements, or dietary products. In addition, it strengthens your heart, increases your bone density, supports your muscles, helps you to balance sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure. It's known that people who go up stairs regularly have fewer problems with balance and memory loss as they age.

Furthermore, Swedish scientists have found that those who give up using elevators and escalators are more likely to have a narrower waist circumference, less fat in their bodies, and lower blood pressure, as a result of a study involving 69 people.

2. Say goodbye to fried and processed food.

Consuming too much fried food leads to obesity, arteriosclerosis, and other types of diseases. Damage from processed foods or the carcinogenic effects is a matter that is in the news almost every day. In short, stay away from both.

3. Walk as often as possible or try to ride a bicycle.

When you're going to your workplace, going out, or going wherever you're going try to go on foot or by bicycle. Because we spend our lives on public transport or in cars, we're getting more and more immobile. 

We say, 'Ride a bike or walk if you like,' because these activities make people happy and strengthen the defense system. Moreover, it prevents heart diseases and high blood pressure. It also regulates blood circulation and allows the skin to bloom. What more can we say ...

4. Instead of drinking its juice, eat the fruit itself.

When you squeeze the fruit, there are fewer vitamins and minerals left afterward. Because we do not use skin parts which are rich in nutrients. Squeezing your fruit also destroys too much fiber. So, choose to eat instead of squeezing. Of course, don't get too carried away.

5. Drink lots of water.

If you're asking why drinking water helps you with so many things I can't count all of them!

6. Eat more vegetables.

Vegetables are the basis of a healthy diet. Vegetables also contain vitamins, minerals, and fibers that help protect against disease. When calories are low, they are important in weight management.

7. Every time you wake up in the morning or when you come home from work stretch yourself.

The importance of stretching is more than you think of. If you do it daily, your aches due to inactivity will reduce and your posture will improve. Thus you start having a high self-esteem.

8. Give meditation a try.

Surveys have shown that people who meditate long-term are twelve years younger than their actual biological ages. And also, it has been shown that some hormonal changes related to age can be slowed down or even reversed with regular meditation. This is actually one of the most effective anti-aging weapons at your disposal.

9. Stay away from alcohol and cigarettes.

They both kill you. Isn't that enough to know?

10. Don't skip meals.

Being hungry for a long time is the biggest enemy of your metabolism. The hungry body starts to work at a minimum level, thinking that no more food will come. Your body reacts in this way causing your metabolism rate to decrease considerably over time. Remember that a slow metabolism rate is the first reason you have a body that you don't like.