10 Sci-Fi Technologies That Can Be Possible In Real Life Soon!


Art imitates life as much as life also imitates art, dear friends. We have been seeing these items or possibilities in sci-fi movies for years. Here are 10 crazy technologies that we created with our imagination, but now are very likely to come true, sooner than we think!

P.S.: Although these are pretty sweet advancements in technology, most of these developments do not serve for the well-being of humanity.

10. Lightsaber:


As photons, or light particles, have no mass, lightsabers were thought to be impossible; however, scientists accidentally accomplished producing photonic molecules. In this new invention, photons did not just pass by each other without interacting at all, but formed strong bonds with each other and stuck together.

Mikhail Lukin, a professor of Physics at Harvard University, states that this innovation will make lots of things possible, including lightsabers, because the fact that these photons bind with each other and change by interacting with each other provides the necessary conditions for these swords that we have seen in the movies and desired for a long time 

This is just the trivial part. This discovery has a potential to bring about way more benefits beyond lightsabers, for example, creation of quantum computers and light crystals. We are very much looking forward to it!

9. Humans produced in laboratories with artificial sperm and egg.


Scientists, after long and hard work, managed to produce artificial sperm and egg in a laboratory. The reproductive cells produced at Cambridge University in 2014 were actually the beginning of this adventure. After these cells developed and evolved into mature cells, the Chinese decided to step up the game.

In June, 2016, Nanjing Medical University published an article announcing that they were able to create healthy sperm cells using the stem cells of rodents. When these sperm cells were injected into the egg of a mouse, new and healthy babies came about!

The fact that this application was successful in mice means that it is also about to be used with humans. If you are thinking "Why the f*ck do we need more people in this excessively populated world?" you are right. However, this application seems that it will be the cure for infertility later on.

8. Bringing the dead back to life


Peter Rhee, a researcher at Arizona University, seems to have found some methods to bring the dead back. This process, which was tried on animals and led to successful results, is called "Therapeutic Hypothermia."

According to this study, there are two ways you can stay alive even though your brain activity, heart and blood flow stops. Firstly, all of the blood in the body is replaced by a salt solution, the metabolism stops working and the body is kept at a certain temperature. Then the doctors perform the surgery without any risks of death and fix the physiological defect that has led to death. Later on, the blood is injected back in the body again and the temperature is set back to normal.

On the other hand, another study, named "The ReAnima Project," tries to revive people whose brain death has already taken place by using various techniques. One of these techniques is injecting protein chains into the spine and the stem cells of the dead and then applying the processes of trans-cranial laser therapy and electrical stimulation of the nerves. These studies are still going on, but it seems that we will be able to trick the grim reaper in the near future.

7. Laser gun


In March, 2016 the USA army proudly announced that laser guns were no longer just a fantasy. They are aiming to standardize the design called "Offensive and defensive direct energy weapons" by 2023. Lockheed Martin, one of the leading technology companies in the USA, is still working on this gun; which is actually working on finding new ways to kill people.

6. Liquid Body Armour

Polonya'da bulunan Moratex Güvenlik Teknolojileri Enstitüsü'ne bağlı araştırmacılar, 2010 yılından bu yana yürütülen çalışmalarında nihayet başarıya ulaştılar ve dışarıdan gelen bir etkiyle sertleşen sıvı katmanından zırh üreterek fizik kanunlarını hiçe saydılar. 

Herhangi bir basınca ya da sıcaklık değişimine maruz kaldığında kimyasal yapısı değişen diğer sıvıların aksine bu özel sıvı, dışardan gelen âni bir etki ile yapısını değiştirebiliyor ve bir mermiyi buharlaştıracak yoğunluğa ulaşabiliyor. Ayrıca araştırmacılara göre bugüne kadar genellikle kevlardan üretilen geleneksel kurşun geçirmez yelekler hala belirli durumlarda yaralanmalara sebep olabiliyorken, üretilen bu sıvı zırhlar yaralanma riskini kesin olarak ortadan kaldırıyor.

5. Dinosaur cloning


We already know that dinosaurs and birds share a common ancestor. The birds and chickens we see around today are perfect examples of a more than a thousand-year long evolution journey. The researchers from Yale and Harvard Universities, taking this fact as a starting point, are trying to re-create the long-extinct ancestors by using chicken embryos.

However, the scientists insist that the aim of these experiments is not to bring the dinosaurs back, but to investigate the evolution of the beak. The experiments they carry out to find more about this do actually involve reversing the evolutionary steps and reaching the older species. Sometimes the curiosity of humans can make them ignore the possibly devastating consequences.

4. Black holes


Physicist Jeff Steinhauer managed to simulate a black hole in a laboratory by using sound waves. Stephen Hawking's black holes, which used to be a hypothesis, have now been confirmed.

This black hole made of sound waves was created by firstly deep freezing, then heating the helium to create a barrier that sound waves cannot pass through. This ground-breaking innovation is expected to bring a Nobel prize to Stephen Hawking.

3. Invisibility

Rochester Üniversitesi'nden bir ekip, uzun yıllardır görünmezliği mümkün kılacak bir tasarım için çalışmalarını sürdürüyor. Bugüne kadar pek çok farklı yöntem kullanarak optik illüzyonlar yaratmayı başardılar, bunları geçtiğimiz aylarda bir adım öteye taşıyarak projenin dijital versiyonunu geliştirdiler ve artık neredeyse tüm objeleri kaybedebiliyorlar. Elbette bu birini görünmez kılacak bir büyü yapmaya benzemiyor, yapılan şey en temelde objeleri görünmez kılacak başarılı optik illüzyonlar yaratmak.

2. Personal hologram devices


Producing a hologram reflecting device that can fit into our pockets was something that people had been working on for a long time and it was considered almost impossible by many others. However, the researches from Harvard University invented a new type of hologram by using polarized light and managed to produce holograms with high video quality and minimize the waste of light. In short, the smart phones that can show holograms will soon take their places in our ass pockets!

1. Erasing or transferring memory


For some time, neurologists have been saying that contrary to what we thought before, the brain isn't the hard-disc of our body. Because the human brain doesn't seem to be a machine that takes, processes and store our memories as they are, but rather more like a machine that repeatedly re-produces our stories and distorts them after some time. 

Every time we remember a memory, we also re-arrange and change it in our mind and start storing the new version, which means that our memories are mostly unreliable. This is also the exact reason why traumas affect people less and less over time.

Scientists have recently found out that there is an important relationship between a protein called PKMzeta and storing memories. They developed some medication to inhibit this protein. This medication proved to be very effective: if you take it, you can erase the memories of a traumatic event completely off your brain!

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