10 Cute Illustrations Showing What Daily Life Looks Like When In Love!


True love doesn't require constant verbal expressions. True love is actually within the little moments in daily life. The talented illustration artist Nidhi Chanani knows this for a fact and illustrated the tiniest details that show pure love. From having pillow fights to cooking together, here's what love looks like with cutest illustrations!

***This article was originally published on Bright Side.

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1. Having pillow fights

2. Listening to music together

3. Supporting each other during the most difficult times

4. Greeting each other when you get home from work

5. Dancing together

6. Enjoying being lazy together

7. Cooking together

8. Fooling around in the kitchen

9. Travelling together

10. Going for walks together no matter what weather is

11. Enjoying the moment when united after some time apart

12. Spending the day in town together

13. Reading together before bed

14. Falling asleep in each other's arms

15. Having breakfast together each morning

16. Snacking together late into the night

17. Cuddling

18. Going on dates

19. Enjoying the quiet moments together

20. Spending time with our children

21. Growing old together

Don't forget to check out Nidhi Chanani's amazing illustrations!

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