10 Creative Solutions For Urban Recycling


Waste management is a big problem for metropolitan cities. Some countries came up with really creative solutions for recycling. Here in this list we give you the most interesting ones.

1. TetraBIN

Project of Sam Johnson and Steven Bai, TetraBIN uses LED panels to invite people to recycle. They presented first two prototypes in Sydney Light Festival in 2014. TetraBIN uses LED panels to perform a Tetris game in 8-bit images.

2. Messi vs. Ronaldo

Hubbub is a charity that generates projects for environmental issues. This project aims to entertain people while preventing them to throw cigarette butts to the street.

3. Basket Bin

Collectif DC group painted streets to create small basketball courts to motivate people to use trash bins.

4. Basketball Hoop Trash Bins

This is from Philippines. It’s simple but yet creative.

5. Paint-by-numbers Gum Wall

With the cooperation of Common Works and Hubbub, Paint-by-numbers Gum Wall is created. The aim of the project is to decrease street littering and increase awareness.

6. Maze

Similar to Basket Bin, here is another project from Switzerland.

7. DNA Shaming

Litterbugs created a campaign called “The Faces of Litter” which uses DNA phenotyping to create portraits of people who litter. Hong Kong police picks the litter from streets such as cigarette butts, paper cups and even condoms. They analyze samples in their labs and by using the DNA phenotyping they create portraits of “criminals”. These portraits are posted on billboards for public shaming.

8. “Pee Back Wall”

St. Pauli town in Hamburg, Germany got tired of drunk people peeing around and they came up with this amazing project. They painted the lower parts of the walls with a superhydrophobic material what cause splashing back the water or pee. They say the campaign is working well.

9. Interactive Bins

Wecup uses two plastic disposal bins for voting like Hubbub made with Messi vs. Ronaldo project. They mostly take place in festivals and open-air events, it is also useful for public voting and get people’s opinion.

10. Speech Bubbles

This project is coming from SMALL Spain. These bubbles remind people to not litter in the beach.

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