10 Cool Reasons To Remember "Once Upon a Time...Life!"


We used to have the most educative cartoons during our childhood. A solid example of it, Once Upon a Time...Life, was created by Albert Barille. He wanted to make the boring subject of the human body and its health as fun as possible for kids. And boy did he make it fun?! Let's go back in time and re-explore our body and this awesome cartoon!

1. Whenever we felt sick as a kid, we always thought about it. Wondering what our body is going through and who's fighting who!


2. The show dates back to 1987 and had 26 episodes.


It's original name was "Il était une fois... la vie"...

3. It always started with division of labor within our body.


Red and white blood cells, enzymes, proteins and much more!

4. White blood cells: Guardians of our body. They busted harmful cells and kept our body safe and under protection.


5. If something was wrong, they always tried to find a solution on their own first. They then asked other members' advice.


6. All the commands coming from the brain would be immediately delivered to their destinations by the help of our nerves.

7. Rushing through our whole body, red blood cells delivered oxygen and carried carbon-dioxide to the lungs so we could breathe it out.

For example, if we were to fill a pool with all the blood your heart pumps throughout your entire life, there'd be over 60 million gallons of blood in that pool!

8. All the harmful bacteria and germs would try and sneak in. They established their base and started conquering a certain area.

9. As the situation got worse, all the young cells would go and ask the brain what to do to get the situation under control.


10. These bad guys would be chased and immediately thrown out of the system.


Even our daily food intake could be the source of all these germs and bacterias.

11. To sum up, this show taught us all the basic information we needed to know about our bodies. Long live red and white blood cells!


All the bacteria and germs can go to hell!

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