11 Brainy Questions You Would Like To Ask To Your Neurologist!

etiket 11 Brainy Questions You Would Like To Ask To Your Neurologist!

Celeste Ora
December 07 2016 - 02:28pm

You become extremely curious when it comes to your brain, right?

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1. Do brain cells stop regenerating as you get old?

Don't panic! Contrary to the common belief, brain cells do continue to renew themselves. They get slower in time but never stop regenerating. This process is actually related to how you treat your brain. The more you increase your brain activity, the more you can help cell regeneration.

2. Does brain size have a correlation to intelligence?

There is no correlation between the size of the brain and intelligence. The thing that makes a person more intelligent is the ratio between the size of the brain to your overall mass. When your brain is bigger in size, the brain has more space to focus on thoughts, communication, and other stuff that requires intellectual effort. This way, you'll become more intelligent.

3. Are there differences between our brain chemistries?

Chemically speaking, all of us have the same brains. However, brains tend to make unique connections. What makes humans more unique is our ability to create connections to our life and keeping this active.

4. Does solving crossword puzzles prevent Alzheimer's?

The more your brains is associated with different topics, the more brain cells are activated. Solving crossword puzzles is not an active way of exercising your brain. Instead, you may try to solve mathematical problems, speaking a foreign language or learning a new language. These activities would help your brain make new connections and help keep your brain occupied.

5. What is the best exercise for brains?

Playing a musical instrument works your aural, visual, and motor cortexes at the same time. The left hemisphere of the brain is associated with linguistic and mathematical talents while the right hemisphere is associated with everything creative. Playing a musical instrument is amazing since it works both of the hemispheres at the same time.

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6. What percentage do I use my brain?

Every brain cell around the brain is active and connected all of the time. However, we aren't able to use our brain's full capacity, even if we would like to try.

7. Since I'm working at a job that requires cognitive features I feel like my brain gets too tired. What should I do?

Fun fact: Cognitive jobs are not responsible for your brain feeling tired. You probably feel tired because of your emotional state. Next time you feel tired, try to focus on something that would provide you some relief.

8. Does meditation really help the brain?

Meditation strengthens the connections that are related to focus and attention. It is also a good way to release chemicals that would fight against chemicals.

9. Do my eating habits affect my brain functions?

Certainly... Our brains constantly require nutrients of all sorts, especially carbohydrates. Healthy eating habits prevent the destruction of brain cells.

10. Does being on a diet harm my brain?

The brain needs an intense amount of energy at all times. For that reason, a low-calorie diet could decrease the efficiency of your brain. Maintaining a balanced diet is essential for healthy brains. Make sure, you don't starve your brain!

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11. What about water?

Your brain is 75% water. In order to keep your brain healthy and functioning, you need to drink water. Anything that causes dehydration around your body affects the performance of your brain.

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