15 Unusual Features Of Women That Make Them Irresistible!


The beauty ideals for women is learned most of the time. The ideals are usually the victim of the sexist perspectives that are promoted by the media. Nevertheless, it is possible to isolate ourselves from these imposed beauty ideals. 

TV, magazines, and newspapers are defining "the ideal beauty" on a regular basis. However, being a woman is so much more than this strict points of view. Here are 15 unique but underestimated features that make women even more attractive!

1. Apparent dog tooth.

This type of well-defined dog tooth makes a smile more beautiful.

2. Square face shape

Some found this face shape tough and masculine. However, some women are killing it with square faces.

3. Wide forehead

While some prefer to cover their wide foreheads with their hair, others show off their forehead with a hair tied strictly at the back.

4. Big eyes

There is no such thing as big eyes for some...

5. Defined cheekbones

These cheekbones reach a divine level when it is combined with an oval or long face shape.

6. Chin dimples


While some people don't like chin dimples, there are many fans of this tiny detail.

7. Thin upper lip

Although media constantly promotes fuller lips, some women look amazing with thin lips.

8. Suprasternal notch

Suprasternal notch is a large, visible dip in between the neck and the collarbone. Please don't underestimate the power of a dip which could look pretty amazing.

9. Thick Eyebrows

For many years thick eyebrows were considered unacceptable as a fashion trend. It can be said that thick eyebrows are having their time nowadays. Some women look amazing with thick eyebrows, don't you think?

10. Raising a single eyebrow

This is the ultimate combo: makes you look confident, cool, and attractive at the same time!

11. Visible collarbones

Who knew that collarbones could be this attractive?!

12. Gap Teeth

It's hard to understand people who destroy this attractive look with plastic surgery!

13. Under eye bags

There are people who enjoy under eye bags as they make eyes more defined. What do yo think about them?

14. Philtrum

Philtrum is the vertical groove between the base of the nose and the border of the upper lip. A defined philtrum makes both lips and the nose come out at the same time.

15. Bulbous nose

A bulbous nasal tip is one that simply looks more rounded – almost like a ball positioned on the end of the nose. Some women look even more beautiful with this type of nose tips.

It is possible to add to the number of these examples. It should be noted that each woman is beautiful with the details that are unique to them and no one else. Free yourself from the imposed beauty ideals, your life will be much easier!😍

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