15 Qualities You Should Never Forget About People Who Never Forget


There are many pros to having a good memory, but don't forget there are also many cons too. After all, one of the best things the human mind can do is to forget so that we can move on. We've collected 15 qualities people who never forget have: Some are great, some are not that much, but all of them are like the curse of an exceptional mind!

1. They can't make sense of the forgetfulness that surrounds them as they never forget, they tend to think "how do these people even live?"


2. It's difficult, almost impossible to fool them. They remember lots of details you forget so they can easily sniff out lies.


3. It can be very tiring to remember memories so vividly. These kind of people wish to be able to stop their thoughts when this happens.

4. They have an incredible capacity for general knowledge, and can remember things for years despite having only read it once.


5. Even though there are many pros to having a very good memory, these people can stress out as they can't erase painful memories and this can lead to a lot of stress.


6. They never forget what has been done to them, they respond to kindness with kindness and with badness to badness.


7. Since they store so much information in their brains they find it difficult to focus on the future and end up being stuck in the past.


8. They might present you with something you've done in the past and that you've forgotten about; so be wary...


9. These people have a higher chance of being successful as analysts, journalists, lawyers, writers, and politicians.


10. They never have any problems in terms of their brain's' capacity. Everything they live through and everything they learn is added to the immense memory bank in their brains.


11. They never need to take notes and make lists. They even remember these short term pieces of information much much later on.


12. They can easily perceive the connection between people and events. They analyze correctly and tend to make very few mistakes.


13. Since they can remember the smallest of details they tend to be emotional people. They remember most things people forget, and live through the same intensity of emotion each time.


14. Their minds produce false memories too; but they never forget a face or object they've seen and tend to have to re-introduce themselves to people.


15. Unlike most of us, they know their situation has undesirable elements to it and become happy when they realize they've forgotten something.

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