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Perfecting Your Hitchslap: Vile Verses for Heretics and Unapologetic Trolls
It could be called the Great Debate, a neverending cycle of posts and chat room logs filled with atheists and theists defending their views. It's been going on for decades, and it's only gotten worse as times have changed and atheists have started coming out of the closet. It's a noble practice, but it's not exactly adult-like. Mostly it's a random series of digital middle fingers, people standing up on their soap boxes, attacking one another, and declaring their falsehoods for the world to see. Someone will make an argument--something that makes sense to them--and everyone will come up with a sarcastic remark, dismiss them, or needlessly pick apart their words. Nobody learns anything. Mostly it just devolves into personal attacks or a juvenile back and forth--fifteen or twenty comment threads that look like school children sticking their tongues out at one another. All it does is reinforce preexisting beliefs. So why do we do it if everyone is so convinced? Maybe it's because atheists feel marginalized. Many of us come from heavy religious backgrounds. We deconvert later in life. We do some thinking, and we realized the truth. So we move forward with our lives. But the world doesn't move forward with us. Our spouses will leave us. Our families will cut us off. Even in the professional world, where these things are considered taboo, people will treat us differently. So we find ourselves defending our newfound mindset. We also do this for the sake of the truth. We've seen how ridiculous and horrifying religion can be, and we know how insidious it is, how it drags people down, causing them to believe in absurd myths. It twists logic. It turns love into hate, and it holds society back. So naturally, we decide to spread the word, grab a proverbial sword, and cut through all of the strange ideas that keep us from progressing. It's our way of trying to change things.It's hard not to take up that mantle once you can see clearly. The problem is that we're not prepared to convince anyone. We think we are. We learn about logical fallacies, debate team tactics, and all of the various arguments that have been used time and time again. We know what to expect from our opponents in the ring, and we usually have a great comeback ready when they start spitting nonsense. But we don't understand them. We don't know how they think, or why they believe the things that they do, and we don't know how to relate to them. Instead, we confuse them and infuriate them, or we try to blow them apart, which only serves to isolate them and drive them further into their beliefs. If we want to make any impact whatsoever, we need to get into the minds of theists, learn to speak their language, and change the way we do things. If we don't, we'll continue to type to brick walls, and nobody is going to listen to a single word we say.
‘Darby and the Dead’: Trailer, Plot, Cast, Release Date & More News
Darby and the Dead is an upcoming Hulu supernatural teen comedy starring Riele Downs and directed by Silas Howard. Supernatural movies keep the brain on high-level activity, thanks to their scary scenes and technology. Hulu has for years embraced the category, bringing viewers the best projects such as Spree, Antlers, Treehouse, Matriarch, and recently Darby and the Dead. The movie was initially named Darby Harper Wants You to Know when it started filming in South Africa. It acquired its current title in October 2022, alongside the premiere date at Hulu.
Dreams to Come: Moira's Future in Canada
When Gilead froze all female bank accounts, revealing their true nature and intent to the world, Moira found herself standing in June's dining room guzzling a bottle of wine. She knew. She saw it coming. She didn't have the luxury of ignorance. She was a woman of color, a lesbian, and a radical feminist. She watched men debate her right to bodily autonomy, while the masses shamed gays and fought to deny them housing and jobs. When she was a child, Congress was arguing about whether or not spousal abuse should be prosecuted. To someone as informed as Moira, theocracy was always on the cusp, and equality was nothing more than a fragile whim. It would've been impossible not to develop a cynical outlook. She laughed when she talked about what'd happened, but her sour face said it all. There was a rant on the tip of her tongue, ready to jump out when Luke walked into the room. She said that he was the f*cking problem and that women didn't need to be protected and owned. When he got frustrated and asked her if he should just go into the kitchen and cut off his dick, she said yes, and send it to the collective. They'd love that. There's a certain kind of fury in her nature, something that pushes back, but it's not strength. It's a defense mechanism hiding a sensitive shell. We see it in her bared teeth and her pained expression. She understands hatred, prejudice, and the mass ignorance that hinders human rights. She was born into a world that loathed her, and what little respect she had earned had been ripped away by fascist bigots bent on control. She fought. She lost, and it stung.
Seth MacFarlane's 'Family Guy' Celebrates 400th Episode: How Has it Managed to Survive This Far?
The skittish unorthodox animated TV series Family Guy celebrates its 21st season and 400th episode and still counting! Though the Seth MacFarlane creation has successfully cracked up the audience over the decades by trolling celebrities, films, cultures, religions, political ideologies and bizarre pop culture references, there still can't miss one or two comments from those whose toes have been trodden on. So how do MacFarlane and his team manage to escape the wrath of offended viewers? Here's what they had to say.
Dreams to Come: Where is Serena Going From Here?
We've all met her. She'll call you crying, recounting her last fight with her boyfriend. He'd drink, storm out, then come home smelling like another woman. She'd have her life planned out, the exact shade of white for their picket fence, her career, and their kids' names. If she could only do better, get him to stop drinking, and prove her worth. You'd tell her to hit the road and find a place of her own. She'd be so much happier with someone else, or with nobody at all. She didn't need him. She'd agree, nod along, and talk about how it probably would be better if he was out of her life. Then his carlights would show up in her driveway, and she'd have to go. She'd hang up, fight some more, and call you the next evening, ready to tell you what happened when he got home from the bar. Who are we to blame someone like that? The best of us have entered into a toxic relationship, and bad love is so hard to walk away from. It might be irritating, getting those calls every night, urging your friend to leave. But it's human nature. We develop a sense of loyalty towards those who treat us the worst. But what if she was a terrible person? A slave owner or the philosophical founder of a theocratic regime, and you were her handmaid or her martha, offering her a drink late at night, or withstanding a visit from her in your room? Would you still feel bad if her husband was abusive? Would it sting just as much seeing her beaten and yelled at? From a detached perspective, it's easy to say that it wouldn't, but in Gilead all women are second-class citizens--subhuman, seen as stupid and frivolous. They have no choice when it comes to their future or their circumstances, even as wives. There's no such thing as bodily autonomy. What he wants, he gets, whether she wants it herself or not, and abuse is the norm. That's on top of a long list of prejudices and pseudo-scientific biases against women. How do you look at a wife, even one as cruel as Serena, and not feel a flash of pity? We could say that we wouldn't, but if we were face to face with that level of oppression, things could get complicated. We are talking about someone who wasn't allowed to read or write. She had duties to perform. Her free time was confined to a short menu of government-approved activities, and she wouldn't be allowed to leave--even after years of infidelity and beatings. In truth, wives are slaves just like handmaids or marthas. They're trapped and forced to work. They're monitored and belittled. They're certainly not protected. Guardians could hurt them. Their husbands treated them like property. Just like with Rita, someone could've cracked Serena's jaw and nobody would have even flinched.
Dreams to Come: What Will Happen to Janine?
Shout it once. Shout it twice. Scream it from the mountaintops, and make sure that you are heard. Janine is not crazy. She's a victim of one of the most vicious aspects of human nature. For many, any sign of mental illness, any little flaw, is enough to justify complete abandonment. Nothing will send people running quite like a temporary lapse in sanity, which is what she went through. She had a difficult life--just her and her son up against the electric company, her landlord, and her boss. But she was making it, and she was doing alright, until she was abducted and thrown into cattle pens with groups of shrieking women, then forced into the red center. The series ignores the things she saw, using the dark imagery sparingly, and only for a few minutes at a time. But there would've been two to three dozen others like her, unbathed, standing in cages with a single bucket, wearing the same clothes for days at a time. They would've stunk like sweat and unwashed flesh, and the sounds of suffering would've filled the air. Some were marched off to their deaths, begging while men shrieked at them, telling them to move faster. Others would plead, desperate to know what had happened to their children and loved ones. That's when Janine first lost touch. We saw her rushed into a transport, yelling about how she was going to sue the guardians. Soon, she was being marched down the hall, into the basement of a repurposed high school. She was shown to a desk during one of Aunt Lydia's propaganda sessions, and she spoke out, saying, 'Welcome to the frickin' looney bin, huh?'
Dreams to Come: What Will Happen to Nick in the Final Season?
Imagine you're doing a survey. You show someone a picture of a stranger--something with a little bit of personality--and you ask them to describe the person they see. They won't tell you much at first, but with urging, they'll begin to fill in the gaps, and eventually, they'll become so sure of their assumptions that it will be hard to convince them they're not true--even if they are introduced to that person in real life. That is what has been happening with Nick Blaine for the past five years. We know nothing about him, save for one short flashback, but if you were to survey a group of fans, they'd tell you all sorts of wild tales. Some think he's the perfect knight in shining armor, far superior to Luke; others will shrug and say they don't know; the rest will swear up and down that they physically saw him devouring an infant under the full moon. Nick is like any other character in the franchise. He's complicated, and he's modeled after a real person, not a fictional love interest. That means he's contradictory. Sometimes his actions and beliefs don't follow a logical pattern. You'll never be able to fill in the gaps. No stereotype will fit. He's not 'one of those' no matter what definition you'd apply to that phrase. The franchise never does bad or good, either. They're never going to write in a person that you absolutely love. They're always going to have some flaw, some demon, some shady past--and it will probably be enough to sour them in our eyes. Not everyone can be comfortable with that. They want black and white, square pegs for square holes, and if that's not what they're given, they'll grab a chisel and start whittling away at that peg until it fits. We do have clues about what's going on inside his head and who he is. But they pose more questions than answers, and it's never enough to give us the full picture. There's always something missing--some integral piece that could finally define the man behind the eyebrows. Perhaps we'll learn more. For now, we'll just have to go with what we've been given.
Everything You Need to Know About Hulu’s ‘Tell Me Lies’
Hulu knows how to keep its fans glued to their couches perfectly. The streaming platform recently announced its adaptation of Carola Lovering’s award-winning book, Tell Me Lies of 2018, scheduled to launch in early September. Straight from her role in Hulu’s mini-series, Nine Perfect Strangers, Grace Van Patten takes up the leading role in the series alongside other talented characters.
‘Killing Eve’ Ends Forever, All Four Seasons Available For Purchase
On April 10th, the final episode of Killing Eve aired on BBC One, concluding its most critically panned season. Though ending on the worst season is not an ideal situation for anyone involved, the legacy of the series lives on thanks to a knockout first season. Performances from lead actresses Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer always received praise, so if that’s enough to convince you, you can easily stream most of the series online right now.
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