This Artist Is Letting People Touch Her Lady Parts For A Strong Message!
Sexuality in art is a very personal thing. It can be expressed — and of course, interpreted — in a variety of ways. But, what happens when a woman puts her sexuality on full display, for the entire world to see and touch?A female artist hailing from Europe has done just that in an effort to teach individuals about the C-word. No, not that one.
25 Of The Greatest Artists Ever Lived Illustrated In Their Own Unique Styles
Graphic designer Andry Tuohy's work, highlighting the greatest modern artists, shows the unique styles of 52 key artists in their own portraits. A fun fact about Andry's work is that he chose one artist for the each letter of the alphabet. Here are 25 different portraits you will fall in love with.Don't forget to click on the artist names for more information!
20 Typography Images That Visualize Mental Disorders Brilliantly
Slovak graphic designer Igor Kupec suffered from generalized anxiety disorder and panic attacks during his college years. He says that those were the worst times of his life, and later he was intrigued by the idea of visualizing mental disorders with typography, as it would enable him to take the issue from a graphic designer’s perspective. What’s interesting is that he says “I was able to visualize many of them, except the one I was struggling with.”Here are 20 mental disorders and their reflections on the art of typography by Igor Kupec.Descriptions of the illnesses and disorders were taken from Wikipedia.
What Did The Sleeping Cycle Of Greatest Artists And Scientists Look Like?
We all have some type of sleeping habit. Does that say something about us? We don't know the answer to that, but in this list, we have the sleeping habits of the most successful and well-known writers, poets, and a bunch of other successful people. We don't know if it's about their sleeping habits that make them that successful but it's worth giving a try. Some choose to sleep during the day and some at night. All of them have a common characteristic in that they sleep little.
23 Surreal Paintings Will Both Amaze And Confuse You At The Same Time!
Canadian artist Rob Gonsales have been interested in painting since his childhood. Most of his imagination is derived from his child and in time Gonsales have learned to reflect his imagination pieces over the canvas. These surrealistic paintings have influences of both Dali and Tanguy. Take a moment to dive into the magical world of Rob Gonsales!
The 22 Most Legendary Painters And The First Pieces Of Artwork They Ever Made!
There are some paintings that we all know whether young or old; from museums, the internet, frames in our homes, and even tattoos... such as the Mona Lisa, by Leonardo da Vinci or Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. But these famous painters' first works, their debut pieces, reflect the styles that they started out with. We compiled the first creations from the 23 most famous painters of art history.
30 Colorful And Sketchy Tattoos By Portuguese Tattoo Artist Vesna
Whether you're covered in tats or prefer to remain ink-free, there's no denying tattooing is an art.We compiled these 30 amazingly cool tattoos from boredpanda and they are all inked by Portuguese tattoo artist Vesna. You can also read the story of his inking career and how it became a passion for him. Enjoy!