Get Your Tissues Ready! 19 Award-Winning Birth Photos Will Both Make You Cry So Hard and Smile Genuinely


Birth is giving life, hope, family and love. The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers announced this year's award winning photos and they are so incredible. Get your tissues ready because you're about to cry.


1. This powerful photo won the First Place: "Our Rainbow Baby Is Finally Here" by Belle Verdiglione

Belle Verdiglione Photography from Australia

2. First time of a mother with her baby won Best in Cetegory: Birth Details: "Enveloped" by Samantha Evans

Sevan Photography from Canada

3. A group effort for a new life won Best in Category: Delivery: "Many Hands" by Ashley Marston

Ashleyn Marston Photography from Canada

4. Family is everything. Best in Category: Fresh 48: "This Is Us" by Kimberly Kimble

Rushes&Waves Photography from United States

5. Waiting for a new life in water won Best in Category: Labor: "Water Birth In Sunset" by Dora Barens

Dora Barens Geboortefotografie from Netherlands

6. Private minutes of a mom after birth won Best in Category: Postpartum: "The Most Glorious Cleansing of All" by Jerusha Sutton

Jerusha Sutton Photography from Australia

7. A mother vaginally delivering her baby after C-Section was the Member's Choice Best in Category: Delivery: "They Said I Couldn't Do It" by Brittany Fisher

Micah Lynn Birth Stories from United States

8. Intimate moment from a couple waiting their baby won Member's Choice Best in Category: Labor: " My Love, My Hero" by Cindy Willems

Birth Day Geboortefotografie from Netherlands

9. Brothers are welcoming their newest member won Member's Choice Best in Category: Postpartum: " Peek-a-boo" by Heather Sears

Heather Sears Photography from United States

10. The contest's honorable mentions were amazing too: Joyfulness of a little one: "Pure Joy" by Marjolein Loppies

Curacao Nasemento from Curacao

11. First touch of a father: "Nuchal Hand and Cord Baby Born Into Dad's Hands" by Belle Verdiglione

Belle Verdiglione Photography from Australia

12. Family is expanding: "A Father Is Born" by Heather Nerheim

Wildheart Photography from United States

13. Adorable tiny little creature: "Little Coala" by Dania Watson

Lauren + Douglas Photography from Australia

14. The dramatic shot of a cold burning: "The Final Separation" by Lauren Snapka

Lauren Rose Photography from United States

15. From one mama to another: "With Woman" by Amanda Ditzel

Raleigh Birth Photography from United States

16. After an exhausted 9 months journey: "Wake Up" by Sarah Romero

Sarah Elizabeth Photography from United States

17. Emotions running high during an induction after three weeks past the due date: "Induction: 43 Weeks" by Elaine Baca

Lane B Photography from United States

18. Birth marks on its little resident: " Birth Leaves Its Mark on Us All" by Sarah Widnyana

Life & Lens Photography from United States

19. Beginning of many kisses from a big brother: "The Emotions of a Big Brother to Be" by Bree Garcia

J&B Photography from United States

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