You vs. The Most Poisonous Snake On The Planet: Let's Go!


Every snake is scary, but this one is the definition of 'scary.' The blue coral snake is a species native to Southeast Asia. Its poison kills in a way never seen before...

This is the blue coral snake.

Believe me, the last thing you want would be getting close to it.

There are hundreds of venomous species in nature.

What makes the blue coral snake special is not its venom but the way its venom kills.

Snake venom usually kills its victim slowly causing a long painful death.

The result of snake poison mixed with cow blood.

On the other hand, this beautiful snake is very short-tempered. Its venom gets to all the nerves in the body at once...

This means a sudden shock, paralysis, and a quick but very painful death.

The blue coral snake kills other poisonous predators.

While other poisonous predators hunt ordinary animals, the blue coral snake hunts those predators. Usually, the price to kill a poisonous animal is to die after the digestion. But luckily, venom doesn't even have an effect on the blue coral snake.

Because the blue coral snake is immune to most of venom types.

Since its bite paralyzes the victim, this snake doesn't have to put a lot of effort into its meals.

When scientists were researching the factors that made this snake so unique, they found some surprising things.

The blue coral snake's venom glands are bigger than any known animal. Its venom glands extend through the whole body.

Another important discovery is the characteristics of the venom.

Its one of a kind venom attacks the sodium canals, which act like a switch button for the nerves in the body.

Sadly, the blue coral snake is endangered since 80% of its habitat is destroyed by humans.

We want to note that the blue coral snake doesn't attack humans unless its life is in danger.

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