Women Eggs Will No Longer Be Necessary To Have A Baby!


Although the tendency seems to have decreased over time, lots and lots of people still want to have kids and a family. However, not everybody is physically able to do so. Chemo, cancers, other diseases and many other environmental factors deem it impossible for some people to have kids. There are also homosexual couples who are finally starting to make their voices heard more and making a difference. 

Here is the might of the science: eggs will not be necessary for impregnation!

And here is how:

Under normal circumstances, in order conception to take place, a woman's egg and man's sperm have to come together in a suitable environment.


However, because of numerous reasons, some couples can't conceive naturally.


Scientists have been busy conducting studies on mice to find a solution to this problem, and the results are pretty promising!


They took a skin cell from a mouse and turned it into a female gamete in a similar fashion of parthenogenesis reproduction.


We really have to go more into the parthenogenesis thing here: this special kind of reproduction takes place without conception. Especially the females of species that lack male individuals reproduce directly by developing her egg. 

In this experiment, the skin cell was stimulated and a little deceived. The scientists got this skin cell to act just like an egg cell. "The egg" developed and became ready for conception.

This new gamete, which they named "Parthenogenotes," started acting like a female egg and was impregnated by sperm taken from a male.


And a 24% chance of survival was observed in the mice that came to life as the result of the experiment.


And these new generation mice can also mate and have their own babies!


Which means that these mice do not have any reproductive problems.

But how will this affect our lives?


It seems that those who can't have a baby naturally, especially homosexual couples, will soon be able to have a child thanks to this method.


Also, the women whose ovaries have been damaged due to chemotherapy will be able to benefit from this method!

Although this method isn't 100% proven, it has surely paved the way for other new methods.

We hope that it will be successful as soon as possible!

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