Why Do Public Toilets Stalls Have Gaps?

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Festivals, concerts, malls, restaurants, airports, train stations, gas stations etc... Using public toilets has become almost a necessity of our modern lives. There are of course those who are super peevish and manage to avoid public toilets altogether, but regardless of whether you use them or not, this question is inevitable: why are there gaps in public toilets' walls and doors?

Here are the most plausible answers!

You have probably wondered the same at least once.


You have probably wondered the same at least once.

The gaps above and under the bathroom stalls....


This doesn't look that private, does it?


What's up with that? Why can't they let us do our private business privately?


There obviously are reasons for this. Humanity isn't being trolled in vain. Here are those reasons:

1. Emergencies


If somebody passes out or loses consciousness the motionless legs are a good way to tell, which can save lives in the case of emergencies.

2. Cutting down on naughty sessions.


Having sex in public toilets is more common that you think. Decreasing the privacy levels to avoid this does actually makes sense.

3. Economy


Such stalls are easy and cheap to build. Considering that most public toilets are free of charge, cheaper is better.

4. Ergonomy


They can be easily disassembled and put together again in case of remodeling or reparation

5. Being able to tell if they are occupied or not.


You know if a toilet is occupied or not  thanks to this gap and nobody disturbs anyone.

6. Meeting urgent needs.


We all know that sad moment when we realize we are out of toilet paper while going to the bathroom. This drama can be managed easily in public toilets.

Yes, it is disturbing, but considering the advantages stated above, these gaps do indeed seem to be a good solution.


That's why we should all accept the facts, finish our business, and get the hell out as soon as we can!

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