Which Royal Family’s Bride Should You Be?


Who wouldn't want to be a princess? Take our test to find out which royal family you should belong to!

1. Let’s start. If you rate your day between 1 and 5, what would it be?

2. What was the genre of the last movie you watched?


3. Who is the last person you bought a present for?

4. How long can you go without your cell phone?

A year
A month
A week
A day
Couple of hours
It's a part of me

5. Now pick your crown, princess.

6. Finally pick your throne.

British Royal Family!

You deserve to be a princess of the Queen of England with your nobility and elegance.

Danish Royal Family!

You’re a candidate to be the Danish Princess with your cool attitude and unique self-confidence.

Monaco Royal Family!

Your elite and sincere attitude is enough to make you the Monaco Princess.

Dutch Royal Family!

Your strong attitude and outgoing character would be a perfect fit for the Dutch Royal Family.

Norwegian Royal Family!

You seem like a Norwegian Princess with your strong interest in arts and literature.

Dubai Royal Family!

You deserve private jets and million-dollar jewelry so Dubai is just for you!

Belgian Royal Family!

Your intelligence and sympathetic character are enough to make you a Belgian Princess!

Brunei Royal Family!

You follow your traditions and value magnificence; which is enough to make you a Princess of Brunei.

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