Which Philosopher Are You?


Cogito ergo sum! Do you want to find out your philosopher soul mate? Here we go!

1. Which one of these below is overrated for you?

2. Pick an art field!

3. What is your favorite science subject?

4. What do you think about vegetarians?

5. Pick a sauce that you would pay extra for! (Ketchup and Mayo are not included.)

Honey Mustard
Thousand Island
Hot Sauce
Garlic Mayo

6. What is your biggest regret?

7. Your ideal weekend is with?

My significant other

8. Pick your favorite city in Europe!


9. What is your current mood?

Turned on
In love

You got "John Locke!"

You're the master of experiences. Put another way, this means that you are the experience embodied. Everything you've earned in this life is through experience. After all, we are all 'tabula rasa's. Life is learned only by living. You should go out there and reach for knowledge!

You got "René Descartes!"

First things first, you can live without everything, except thought. Your favorite activity is definitely thinking about things. This your most definitive feature. Another significant thing about you is that you are never strict about your ideas. You are open to new thoughts and experiments. After all, this is the most common feature of contemplating people!

You got "Plato!"

Forget about everything you already know. There is no such thing as the earth. All these things we live is actually nothing more than a shadow. The reality, what about it? For instance, you love someone and you have hard time expressing your feelings. You are a 'platonic' lover. This means that the reality is experienced only by you and no one else. You're the only source of truth!

You got "Aristotle!"

You have a thing for reasoning. You build an example for reason, intelligence and truthfulness at the same time. You are successful and you deserve it. We couldn't count the number of books you've read to this day. You were born to be a scientist!

You got "Immanuel Kant!"

You think twice about everything. Mottos like "Live fast and die young" or "Carpe Diem" have nothing to do with you. Above everything else, you are cautious. You have to be, since you don't wanna hurt others. You find certain claims like "I know best" to be very stupid. There is no one in this world that has the ultimate opinion on something. The real virtue is to admit that you don't know anything!

You got "Friedrich Hegel!"

Do you feel that your ideas are compared with others' occasionally? If you feel like that, you have a solid reason, because that's actually the reality. You are a milestone in philosophy. You have many friends, and yet, so many haters. Your haters follow your every move to find out your mystery. Also, you are a relaxed being. You already know that forcing things doesn't help, so you just go with the flow. Not black, not white... You are from the grey area and grey always wins!

You got "Socrates!"

The most important thing to do in this world is to ask the right questions, without doubt. You prefer to ask a solid question rather than giving a short answer. You don't really care about the answers. Your priority is not material things. You care about traits like honor and dignity more than anything else in this world.

You got "Ludwig Wittgenstein!"

You think that one is always a stranger to oneself. This is the reason you spend your whole life looking for yourself. If someone claims that "I know myself very well," they probably don't know a single thing. We wish you luck in the process of finding the stranger inside you...

You got "Michel Foucault!"

From your clothing to your extraordinary mind, you are a post-modern being. In other words, definitive restrictions are not your thing. Everything changes all the time. This is natural. You don't understand how they can say "nothing changes." Your existence is an answer those who are against change. Change is within you!

You got "Karl Marx!"

Honesty and dignity have become old fashioned traits nowadays. You don't agree to that though. You stand against classes and bourgeoisie. You are a true fighter. Though you struggle at times, it is impossible to make you stop fighting for your own ideas. People have a hard time understanding your great mind. We wish we had more bright minds like yours!

You got "Friedrich Nietzsche!"

You are the world's greatest pessimist! Congrats! You always manage to see the bad in things. We don't blame you, though. The world is a bad place and you are intelligent enough to accept this fact. Not everyone is brave like you. One unique individual, that's what you are!

You got "Jean-Jacques Rousseau!"

Freedom is essential for you. This doesn't mean that you are stubborn about doing things your way. One should gain their individual freedom and then strengthen it through the social contract. In short, you are full of big ideas. We don't want to bother you with small things. Go on, please don't stop thinking!

You got "Henri Bergson!"

You are the master of intuitions! You can sense things before they happen. This is not fortune telling. What you do is nothing more than interpreting your experience. They might say bad things about you, but don't worry. The soul and the mind cannot be separated. After all, it is the intuitions of the humans. You are the living answer to those who don't understand!

You got "Martin Heidegger!"

You might be the weirdest philosopher who's ever lived in this world. It is literally impossible to understand what you are talking about. Don't get us wrong though, your time has not come yet! You are way ahead of your time. You don't belong to any place or time. The only thing you believe in is that you are going to die one day. Have fun living the existential dream!

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