Which Emotion Are You Guided By?


Which emotion that dominates your personality? One that guides your life and affects your decisions?

You’ll find the answer at the end of this test!

1. Let's start by telling us what you value the most in life.

2. Which of these hobbies you enjoy the most?


3. Which period of the day you feel happiest?

4. We know you love your country; but are there any other countries that you wish you were born in?

I'm happy with my country.

5. What about your biggest fear?

6. When do you feel most comfortable and happy?

7. What thought came into your mind when you first saw this image?

8. Finally, how would you fill the gap? Life is..


Love dominates your personality. You are a true lover. Your life is better with love. Because you love everyone and everything around you. You are in love with everything you have. You have your own world aside from all the hate and bad things in life. You do everything with love and get wonderful results in return.


Pride dominates your personality! The feeling that controls you is your pride and honor, no doubt! You have your own principles, rules, and red lines that you don’t let anyone cross. Also, you are a very serious person. You don’t like getting too close to people. You are a very planned and neat person. Your love life, job relationships, and friendships are just so stainless.


Curiosity dominates your personality. Your limitless curiosity rules your life. Everything is just a secret or a mystery to you. You are not afraid of trying new things. You love to explore and learning new things. You are just hungry for new knowledge. Google is your best friend. We can surely add that you get bored too easily and do not really like the everyday routine. You believe in change and evolve a lot. You are more of a question person than an answer person. Such a scientist!


Hope dominates your personality because you are one of the most positive and cheerful people. Even if it so dark in the tunnel, there is always a light at the end for you. You always believe in improvement and development. People around you adore this characteristic about you. They always come to you whenever they feel hopeless or sad. You give people hope!


The feeling of missing dominates your personality. Your emotional boundaries are thin so you are more sensitive and fragile than most people. You miss people who are away from you. You miss the past, the things you lost. You can fall apart too easily. You feel everything so deeply; which gives you the ability to show empathy towards people. We can easily say that you are so nice to people. People who miss, learn everything.


Self-confidence dominates your personality. Your endless confidence controls every stage of your life. Some people were born to manage and it can’t be acquired later. You manage every place you get into because people can actually see the confidence you have. You are too strong and you believe you can achieve everything. You are brave and a total problem solver. You get even more motivated when you are under pressure.


Sensitivity dominates your personality. You are too fragile and emotional. You can get sad too easily. Your eyes get watery even for the smallest thing because you are so susceptive towards everything especially when it comes to kids, animals, and nature. But your best feature is your strong character even if you don’t seem strong at all. Yes, you fall apart too easily but you can also put yourself together quickly.


Compassion dominates your personality. You are friendly and sincere. You are everyone’s sweetheart. You know how to endear yourself to people around you and you don’t even have to put effort into it, it's just you! You love to help others. You are such a role model!


Regret dominates your personality! You try so hard to turn back time but you can not because the only thing we can not own in this world is time. It's your choice whether to do something or not. Our advice to you is that sentences that start with “I wish” do not work at all, damn! Because of this you always have to look forward. Good days are waiting for you, promise ☺

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