When Exactly Are You Going To Die?!


Don't look so upset and annoyed now. We're all gonna die some day. But, wouldn't it be nice if you knew the date and could start making preparations? Let's find out!

1. First thing's first! How old are you?

2. Do you have regular income?


3. What about your relationship?

Ugh, complicated

4. How healthy are you?

No idea
Not so healthy
Healthy as a horse!
So so

5. Do you know what you're doing in this life? Life-long goals?

Of course!
Not sure
What was it again?

6. Kids?

Not sure
I have kids
Any day now!

7. How do you define yourself?


8. What do you do when you have a headache?

9. Which one would you rather have right now?

Just a garden salad

10. Last one: Are you happy?

Absolutely NOT!

1 July 2024

You have almost 10 years to go. This is why you should try and make the best of it! Go and meet new people, see new places and experience new things. You still have time to accomplish so many things you've wanted to. You can be HAPPY! Go now, go!

Christmas Eve 2040

We're terribly sorry about the timing, but hey, 2040 is still a long way out there. 24 years to go! If you use them well, they might be even worth 200 years of slacking. Know who you love and how you can protect them. Don't be afraid to go after your dreams, you can make your dreams come true. Help the people around you and they will help you back when your time approaches...

The day after your retirement!

Seriously, are you here to just focus on your career, and do nothing else? All you can think about is your career and how you can plan your days. You can't sleep properly anymore, and you can't even begin to tolerate the people at work. Stop wasting your energy for a few pieces of expensive items yo buy. If you keep stressing yourself life this, this date may never change!

The day you turn 68!

You will live your life to its fullest, until you hit 68. Most people don't see their 60s, so feel happy! You will look back with no regrets! Of course you'll remember all your good days and feel upset, but still, you'll remember much more of your happy moments. A happy papi! Most people taking this quiz would give everything to live a long and happy life like yours!

On your 51st birthday. YIKES!

Sen tam 51'ine bastığın gün öleceksin. Bu dünyada sana yarım asır ömür verilmiş ve ona iyi bakmalısın, az değil. Zaten bir insanın yaşayabileceği en iyi yılları geçirmişsin, fazlası fazla. Kocayıp, itlere maskara olmaktansa, zamanında çekip gitmek en iyisi!

Exactly 4 Years, 235 Days Later!

This is the exact date. Write it down and start doing all the things you've always wanted, fast! Our humble advice would be to forget about all your regrets, sorrow and IFs...Live the moment, seize every day! Stop planning all your moves. Life is short, especially for you...


Yes. Yes you'll be gone from this land by the end of tomorrow. Quick, finish reading this and gather all your loved ones and throw the most kick-ass party there ever was! You're here one day and gone the next. Tell all your crushes how much you loved them and start saying your goodbyes. All jokes aside, time to make radical changes! 

PS: If you're still alive another day, give us a call, don't be a stranger!

97! Woah!

You have a loooooooong way, filled with almost all sorts of things. Health, joy, peace, sorrow, love, friendships, sadness and more! Almost a century. This is why you need to leave something valuable behind. You have to make such an impact that people will always have a place for you in their memories. Tick tock, tick tock... :)

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