What’s Your Day Of The Week?


Everyone loves Saturday and Sunday, but what if your day is actually Monday? Maybe you’re a Wednesday person? There’s only one way to find out!

1. What is your plan for your next holiday?

Get some work done.
Not leaving bed.
I have so many plans, can’t wait!
I’m so done working, I heart holidays.
Doesn’t matter for me that much.
Beach, please.
I’m too lazy to make plans.

2. Suppose you won the lottery, what are you going to do with all the money?

Go to the Bahamas, or maybe Bora Bora?
Buy my dream car.
Pay all my debts first
Buy houses, rent them and live off the rental income for the rest of my life.
Buy a BOAT!! A luxury one.
Eat a fancy dinner with my friends.
Shop like crazy.

3. What’s your drink?

4. Which one would you prefer to listen to?

Doesn’t matter, just play something good.
Electronic music
R&B, hip hop.
Something slow, like classical music.

5. Somehow you come home early today and feel energetic. Should we go out?

Sure thing! Call the crew and let’s meet up!
I want to save the energy for tomorrow’s work.
Let me enjoy being home.
Can’t decide.
Hmm, let’s take a walk.
Let's go see the latest movie.
Let’s go somewhere and have some drinks.

6. How do you get a project done?

Try to finish it before the weekend.
Work extremely detailed and get it done right away.
It will be done eventually, no need to rush.
Do it bit by bit, but daily.
First procrastinate, than start doing it.
What project?
Wait until the last minute. I work better under pressure.

7. How would you want to wake up to your new day?

With the smell of a nice breakfast.
With a kiss (my pet or my significant other, doesn’t matter).
With the sound of my phone (a call from a beloved one, not my boss).
Why am I waking up?
Nothing special, I’m ready to wake up..
With a good song.

8. Finally, pick your color!

You’re a Monday person!

While everyone complains about Monday syndrome, you enjoy the day. You are the favorite employee of all employers. You like to work and you work systematically without being grouchy. You should’ve gotten paid more than the other day's people. You’ll be at your best if you loose up a little and be more fun, while keeping cool.

You’re a Tuesday person!

You’re strong and always ready to welcome the rest of the week. There’s many people like you, but it doesn’t mean that you’re not special; on the contrary, we’re very happy about it because you spread the positive energy you have. Never stop smiling!

You’re a Wednesday person!

You have your own empire in the middle of the week, which means that you have a balanced life with your average moves. You know how to work hard and have fun at the same time. Never forget that Wednesday is the most productive day of the week, and you’re a productive person!

You’re a Thursday person!

You usually have a hurried and excited mood; you just can’t wait for the weekend to come. You should relax a little because you move to the next level every time you struggle with problems and are close to your goals. So chill dude.

You’re a Friday person!

TGIF! The most beautiful day of the week is you! You know when some people look like they could destroy your life, but they’re actually so fragile that they wouldn’t hurt anyone? You are one of those people! Everyone should have at least 2-3 friends like you in their lives. FRIDAY, YAYY!!

You’re a Saturday person!

You’re the one for when it comes to having fun! If people of the other days want to have some fun, they should find you. You came into the world to have fun, and you will enjoy it until the very end. We just can’t stop admiring your energetic life!

You’re a Sunday person!

You’re exhausted from the whole tiring week, but your joy hits the top point when it’s Sunday. You wish the day after Sunday was Sunday also, but think of it this way; there will be just 6 days left until the next Sunday on Monday. You also enjoy the rest the week and value yourself more than anything.

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