What Type Of An Artist Are You?


Everyone has their unique way of expressing themselves. Some do it with writing, some do it with images. Well, which one is yours? Find out which art subject your soul belongs to by solving this quiz!

1. When does your creativity reach its peak?

2. Which one do you prefer to increase your performance?


3. What will be the subject of your art piece?

4. Which city is the best for an artist?

New York
Los Angeles

5. It's not easy surviving only by selling art. Which occupation would you prefer to gain a living?

6. Which one of the below is a sign that you've done enough?

When I can sleep at night
When people start to appreciate me
When everyone understands my work
There won't be a time like that
When I'm dead (I guess)
When I make the world a better place
When I earn enough money
When I become best at what I do
When I win an Oscar

7. Do you believe that this is going to happen?

8. Final question: If you become a million dollar artist, what would you do with that money?

I'd buy my mom a big condo.
I'll buy myself a car.
I'd spend this money to make more art.
I'd buy myself a mansion.
I'd exclude myself from society.
Who's up for a holiday!!!
I'd put the money into a savings account.
I'd move to another city.
My life would go on as usual.

You are an author!


You have a multidimensional persona. First of all, you are a hopeless realist. You never lose touch with reality. You know how to read people. It is enough for you to see someone once to be able to read them. It can be said that you are the written version of experience. You enjoy observing what others are doing. What you've been through is definitely worth writing down.

You are a painter!


You are way above logic and words. You have your own language and it is nevertheless uncommon. It is the language of colors. You think through colors and every emotion or idea represents another color in your mind. You are exceptional like an author or poet. Your talent is a godsend!

You are a sculptor!


Sculpting is, without doubt, one of the most creative subjects of art. It's not easy to create something from scratch. And it is not easy for you to create something without having artistic anxieties. You should admit that you are being lazy most times. After all, this is your unique creative process, do whatever you want! Don't leave us without your amazing work, though!

You are a photographer!


You have a different point of view. Everyone looks around but you see things. This is because you are extraordinary. You are like that since you've opened your eyes to this world. Your obsession for being immortal can sometimes bother the ones around you. You enjoy catching moments, the best of them... This is what life means to you. Carpe diem!

You are a director!


You live in the details. Your motto is "the devil's in the details." Even a tiny detail can not escape from your radar. Though you are too involved with details, you always manage to see the whole picture. You are a professional workaholic. It's best not to be around you when you're focused on your work. The worst thing in this world is that a day is 24 hours because it is never enough for you.

You are a dancer!


First things first, you are a flexible person. Rules or straight ideas are not your game. You know that life is about a constant change. You believe that the ones who don't change can't move forward. Moreover, you were born to become an artist. You enjoy everything intellectual and aesthetic. That is the reason why you are so delicate!

You are an actor/actress!


You have many different personalities inside of you. You owe this to your talent for empathy and compromise. You can understand people and this is a great talent. This the reason you can easily jump into your character. It's natural for you to imitate reality.

You are a poet!


You are one emotional talent. You are an exceptional dreamer. Your point of view is like no other. You are far far away from cliches. You push the boundaries of dreams to create something new. Your intelligence cannot be appreciated by everyone. If you accept this fact, your life would be much easier.

You are an architect!

You are the most analytical mind that is out there! You are grounded and what you do requires that. After all, it is not easy to make dreams turn into reality. You're obsessed with everything beautiful, from clothes to words! This is what an architect looks like, if you ask us!

You are a musician!


Emotions are all over you! This is the reason why everybody can understand and appreciate your art. Actually, it is not easy to define what you do. There is no formula for music. You put your intuition above everything else. You can make your dreams real with little effort! Melody and harmony are your best friends!

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