What Level Is Your Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?


Do you feel an excessive need for things to be in a perfect order, ritual and harmony? Are you obsessive about cleaning? Then you might be suffering from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). This test will allow you to discover yourself a little.

Caution, this is not a medical diagnostic test about OCD, which is a chronic disorder.

1. Let’s get started! You need to make some evaluations. Please rate (1: An ordinary picture - 4: extremely annoying)

2. Please rate. (1: An ordinary picture - 4: ITS DAMN BEAUTIFUL)

3. Please rate (1: An ordinary floor - 4: I’M FREAKING OUT)

4. Please rate. (1: Some pic with chocolate and water bottle - 4: PICTURE OF PERFECT FIT)

5. You have a really important thing to do in the morning and you need to set an alarm.

I would just use my phone or alarm clock.
I can’t trust the alarm clock, I’ll set an alarm on my phone.
I would set 3 different alarms on my phone. Just to make sure.
I would make sure if it’s working by setting an alarm to a minute later before I set 3 different alarms on my phone.

6. Let’s suppose you need to go grocery shopping…

I have everything in my mind, I would just leave.
I wouldn’t leave before making a list.
I would make different lists for different categories, then leave.
I would make lists for each category and do my shopping in this order. And also put them in the bags accordingly.

7. Now we’ll ask you two behavioral questions. Do you chew gum?

Yes I do.
No I don't.

8. What about your sleeping circle?

I go to bed early.
I stay up really late.
I just get few hours of sleep.
I sleep more than I’m awake.

9. Finally..

You’re 20% Obsessive Compulsive!

You’re so laid-back that you don’t have anything to do with OCD. Everything is just very simple and easy for you. Chaos or symmetry are not part of your life. You’ll live longer than everyone.

You’re 50% Obsessive Compulsive!

This thing is secretly living in your brain. You may seem okay but things are different deep inside of you. Messiness annoys you but you don't lose your sleep just because of that. A little need for symmetry doesn’t kill anyone.

You’re 70% Obsessive Compulsive!

You have everything symmetrical or in a perfect order. You like to group and arrange things all the time. These are all describing you right? That’s what we thought. But don’t be sad, control is always good!

You’re 90% Obsessive Compulsive!

Order, arrange, maintain! Everything has to be in a symmetrical order and perfectly arranged. You can’t tolerate even the littlest detail. You can stop whatever you’re doing and fix whatever that little detail is. Because it’s who you are, perfectionist!

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