What Is Your Slasher Movie Personality?


You love watching slasher movies. Have you ever wondered which character you would play if you were in one? Find out by taking our quiz!

1. What was your favorite subject in school?

2. You went to try out for the sports team. Your rank?

3. What is your common party behavior?

4. Pick a weapon for murder!

Garage door
1993 Ford Escort

5. How many sequels are you gonna have?

6. Give an honest answer to this last question. How long are you going to last in a slasher movie?

'First one to die'

Don't think for a second that you're not vulnerable. You're the character that changed the whole course of the film with your sudden death. Be proud, if you can!


We would like to congratulate you for being the hero of the film. You managed to survive til' the end. You'll get into many different adventures during the film, but you have admit that you like it!


You thought you could fool us? Not this time. You know how to use your charming looks to get what you want. However, there is always this questioning type that makes your life hell. Though you have an obsession for blood, actually you're a kind person on the inside, no doubt!

'Reckless one'

You still don't know what brought you into this. You can't handle this much action. Your place is the dance floor on that house party. Your friends dragged you into this, but adventure is adventure, right?

'Innocent one who was accused of being the murderer'

Don't get mad. With all of your interest in technology and your intelligence, we thought you were the murderer at the beginning. What can we do about that? All the signs were pointed at you. You should focus on building trust first. Then, you can use all of your talents to get rid of that image.

'The trickster who survived'

You smell danger from afar and have a unique way to deal with it. Your sarcasm is good for underestimating everything around you. This is the reason why no murderer wants to deal with you. They know that you're gonna run away!

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