What Is Your Purpose In Life? Take The Test Now!


If you answer the question ''what is your purpose in life?'' with this  "¯_(ツ)_/¯" , then this test is absolutely for you. Don't give much thought to questions, just answer the first answer that comes to mind. 

Enjoy the quiz.

1. First of all, which one describes you the best?

Like a cat

2. Which occupation do you do in a parallel universe?

Lion tamer
The president

3. Which bird is your behavior like?

4. What do you want to be written on your grave stone?

''No regrets!''
''I shouldn't have drunk that last shot''
''Won't end here..''
''The best person ever''
''I'll be back, just wait!''
''I don't always die but when I do...''
''Gone with the wind''

5. What do you want to do at this exact moment?

Play with the cat
Lie down
Get rid of my underwear
Get a job
Listen to music
Have sex

6. Choose a situation you want to be in.

7. What are you good at?

Making people laugh
Managing people
Living life
Solving problems
Feeding a cat
Watching TV series

8. Last question. Which one of these do you want to take home?

You want to work for the government!

We have to say; you are realistic! That's why you don't see life through rose-tinted glasses. You're always looking ahead and are aware of the circumstances. Instead of crying and feeling bad for yourself, you want to put your life on track. For all these reasons, you want to work for the government. You are both talented and well-informed. We hope you get what you want in life.

You just want to watch TV!


One thing is quite certain for you: you are relaxed. You stay away from the ambitious people and the ambitions of life. You even condemn them. For you, life is meaningless and that's why watching TV all day, surfing the net, and binge watching Netflix are much more important.

You just want to enjoy life!


Your sole purpose is to live life to its fullest. We want to congratulate you first because the finest art in this life is the art of living. There are just so many things we come across in our daily life and are not aware of. For instance, there's nothing better than listening to music or when the sun is shining. You have the greatest purpose in life, congrats!

You want to be on the top!

We'll tell you your motto first: Victory! Yes, you are a person of victory. You feel you have to be the best in every job you do. You're ambitious, thus successful. You're always on the top, but like an eagle, the real top! You flew up there; didn't slither like snakes!

You want to have a Rock'n Roll lifestyle!


Everybody gets to live life once and contrary to what many think, life is really short. That's why we have to take this ''one shot'' and live to its fullest. Since you're the ''tough guy,'' you want to live life like a rascal and to its fullest; without worries, taboos and pressure. It's like freefall.

You want to conquer the seas!

Though we never think about it much, 2/3 of the world is water. When you think of this endless blue, you feel like you're free. Even though you're on land now, you know for sure that one day, you'll conquer the seas! You'll take your three pronged spear and conquer the oceans like Poseidon!

You want to have a colony of cats!


The best word that describes you is: Cat. You miss cats even when you're with them. In all this chaos where we don't understand the questions, let alone know the answer, you have one explanation: Cats. You get happy even when you hear the word cat. Cat, like a cat cat, you know, cat! That's why your sole purpose in life is to have a colony of cats and conquer it as a Cat Queen/King!

You want to rule the world!

Your sole purpose in life is to rule the world! In the real sense or as a figure of speech, it doesn't matter; somehow you want to rule it. You're a leader, you trust yourself and you believe you have the answers. Maybe you'll make it happen one day. Maybe every country will want to unite one day and choose you as their leader, who knows...

You want to eat every food out there!


You have only one purpose in this life and that is to eat every food out there. You have to work hard for that. Good luck!

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