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Fetishism is a concept commonly used by the famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, and it is defined as a sexual desire for a body part that does not have a sexual function. 

Fetishes are nearly completely based on the subconscious and it can be very difficult and sometimes harmful to try to analyze them.

Take this interesting test to see which fetish you are most inclined to.

Which direction are these women spinning?

What does this picture make you think of?

What does this picture make you think of?

What is your worst nightmare?

How do you like your coffee?

How do you like your coffee?

Bearers of the Future

When you are just spending a lazy Saturday, the doorbell rings. When you open the door, you are shocked! There are two animals there. They brought you two letters. In them are prophecies about your future. You open them. One of them says that you should expect great news. The other one says that there will be much destruction in your life.

Which was the animal who gave you the bad news?

Now, pick what you see here!

Now, pick what you see here!

Now after all these, define what a fetish is for you.

Now after all these, define what a fetish is for you.

Finally, which color does this make you think of?

You love feet!

You love touching your lover's feet and even just seeing them. Sometimes you want to worship a clean, pretty, sensitive feet and sometimes you want strong, ugly and even dirty feet. You want to touch them, kiss them, and caress them. This has been in you since you were a child. Although this can seem like an unhealthy obsession at times, it actually is just a component of your sex life that makes it more colorful and interesting.

Not the body, but the brain!

Your fetish is connected to the most complex organ known to mankind - the brain. It is the sparkles of intelligence that makes you let your guard down. You judge this intelligence by their ability to make connections and how they can answer others' questions. These people impress your subconscious so much that you stop caring about their looks. Because being able to conquer that intelligence gives you the most pleasure.


Normally, a scent becomes significant in relationships once the people get to know each other. However, for your brain, this is not how things work. You code the opposite sex based on their scent and you are highly selective about this. In fact, this matters more to you than any other sense. Your partner's scent is a huge aphrodisiac for you. If you don't like the scent of their skin, their physical appearance or personality loses all its importance. On the other hand, just the scent can be enough for you to fall in love with someone.

The Dom

You are interested in power games. A standard sex life is not at all enough for you. However, using pain, you can reach emotions that you didn't know existed even in the most intense of relationships. This is more than just sex for you. It is a pleasure you feel in every area of your life. This also feels like a special connection between you and your lover and this is another reason why you feel pleasure. Another reason is that this makes you feel freer as you break out of societal rules. As long as both parties give consent, we don't see any problem with it!


Your biggest weakness is the mysterious magical body part that we call nipples. No matter what kind of a chest you prefer most, what really gives you pleasure is how the nipples feel. Obviously, this is all connected to your subconsciousness. Your mind still remembers the days of your infancy. Even just touching the nipples creates a special connection between you and your lover. They also feel so mysterious because most of the time they stay hidden under the clothes.