What Does Your Partner Actually Hate About You?


You might think you’re perfect, but your partner can definitely find something that they hate about you. Maybe more than one! Take our test to see the most dominant one. Maybe you can make an effort to change yourself if you find out what he/she hates about you in order to maintain a healthier relationship. Can’t see why not.

1. First let us know which gender you're attracted to.

Doesn't matter

2. What do you see the most in your dreams?


3. Suppose you’re watching a movie with your significant other. He/she said “I’m so thirsty” to himself/herself. What would you do?

Pause the movie to bring water.
I would ask “Should I bring one?”
I’ll say “Me too, can you bring me one also?”
I would get mad because he/she ruined the movie.

4. You found out that your partner was cheating on you and now you’re talking with a friend. Which sentence are you most likely to say?

His/her loss.
I knew it.
I don't really care.
He/she'll regret losing me.
I'll find someone else.
I'll show him/her.

5. Do you think your partner deserves you?

6. What if you find someone better?

I wouldn’t wait even one second.
I would think about it.
He/she is the best already!

7. What do you do when he/she upsets you?

No one can make me upset.
Make him/her upset too.
Try to make him/her apologize.
Forget about it.
I wouldn’t stop talking shit about it.

8. Which animal do you turn into next to your partner?


9. Almost there. Which emoji describes you best when it comes to topics about marriage?

10. Now describe your love with your boyfriend/girlfriend to complete the test.


You’re extremely jealous and your partner hates it! Being extremely jealous in a relationship can cause serious problems. Jealousy became a personality trait of you and you really need to give some effort to solve this problem. Your partners are tired of this feature; it needs to be fixed!

You're a smarty!

You’re a smarty-pants and your partner hates it! Okay, maybe you know a lot, your predictions are usually on point but it’s not possible to know what’s right all the time, right? You should try to overcome this feature of you so it won’t turn from something that makes you attractive from something that makes you annoying.

You’re vindictive!

You’re vindictive and your partner hates that about you. You never forget anything, you write things down and take them out when your time comes. Although it’s good not to forget about certain things, being vindictive and hateful is not good for you. Don’t forget about bad things people do to you but don’t seek for revenge about little unimportant things so you can live healthier.

You’re arrogant!

You’re arrogant and your partner hates it. You need to stop underestimating people to be less annoying in your relationships. Even though you think you’re perfect in many aspects, it’s better to keep your underestimations to yourself. Being a little humble won’t hurt you, we promise. If you’re really good at certain things, people will eventually see it anyway. You should try to get rid of this feature if you want better relationships.

You’re lazy!

You’re so lazy and your partner hates it. You may even be too lazy to eat when you’re alone at home, but you should change that when you’re with your boyfriend/girlfriend. It’ll be boring being with a lazy person after a while. Even though it’s hard to change personal traits, laziness is something that you can change with some effort.

You’re selfish!

You’re selfish and your partner hates it. You’re egocentric and always put yourself first but you just can’t maintain a relationship like this. It’s very likely to have problems in your relationship if you can’t suppress your selfishness. You may want to live like you’re at the center of everything but your partner may not tolerate this for long, no matter how much he/she loves you. At least try to keep it under control for your relationship.

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