What Do Other People Like Most About You?


Even if we spend hours, maybe years with certain people, it’s hard to talk about their defining character traits. Let’s see what people say about your personality when they talk about 'you!'

1. An easy start. Who is the closest person to you?

My friends
My siblings
My family
My significant other
My mom

2. What do you want to see when you look at people?

3. Now pick an impressive feature.

4. Which one of these activities would be unforgettable?

Doing charity work
First date
Family vacation
Trying an extreme sport
Going to a comedy show
Something different

5. What do you think is your strongest sense?


6. How would you describe your communication with others?

I know many things, I can always find something to talk about.
I’m genuine and cheerful.
I’m unique and fun.
A little weird, people say I hardly talk to them.
I say what I want to say, straightly.
I talk less but say more.

7. Finally, which animal would you want to be?


Respected, open-minded, a true gentleman/lady!

Your nobility is your most significant personality trait. People respect you because you’re always open minded and mature. You make your important decisions by yourself because deep inside, you know that other people are less experienced than you. You have a broad perception and you always learn from your mistakes, which helps you explore different paths everyday!

Home of hope and candidness!

We don’t know if you’re aware of this, but you spread hope to people around you! Most importantly, you don’t need any extra effort to do that, you just act how you feel and people find the hope they need. You know the importance of love and the time you spend with your beloved ones. Plus, you’re very good at analyzing people and situations. Lying is never your thing, it’s actually something that you hate the most!

Confident and funny; the cool girl/guy!

You’re so smart that you continously have plenty of ideas in your head, and you never hesitate to share them. You're naturally funny! It's almost impossible not to laugh next to you! People's attention makes you feel confident, but it makes you grumpy sometimes. Still, you know how to steal everyone’s heart with your intimacy!

Full of love, kind, a total cutie!

Your loving and gentle personality steals everyone's heart. Even though your kindness is sometimes abused by others, you never feel offended because this is who you are. Your heart is full of love! We admire your gentleness, even though people break your heart sometimes!

Energetic and passionate; an uber creative mind!

Your amazing energy and creativity are the things that stick to people’s mind. You’re someone who is very, very sweet, compassionate and always ready to help others. You enjoy sharing your knowledge and experiences. You have a very different perspective of life and you enjoy it when people benefit from it. You’re both idealist and imaginative. We don’t know where you get your inspiration from, but it’s obvious that you inspire people around you. You know what they say; ‘to be inspired is great, but to inspire is incredible!’

Powerful, loyal and trustworthy!

Your defining traits are your kind soul, loyalty and strength! We know you never give up easily. You have a strong personality and a strange instinct to make people feel happy and peaceful. No matter how much you try to look rough, you’re actually someone who is very naive and protective over the things you love!

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