We Dare You To Find The Most Expensive Dress Amongst All!


Exclusively for fashionistas and shopping lovers!!!

Do you think you're experienced enough to find the most expensive one out of these 9 brilliant pieces? Don't forget to tell us how many times it took you to find the one.

Let's see, which one looks like it's the most expensive?

You did it!

Amazing, you really found the one. You are a total fashion expert. This classy looking long dress is from Mango and it's $99.99 USD.


You didn't find it. This one isn't the most expensive one. Still, it looks neat. It's $39.99 USD on Mango.


No, it is not! This sexy piece is around $30 USD on Bershka and is not the most expensive dress on our list.

You failed!

Stripes are cool, yet this this is not the most expensive dress on our list. Its list price is $39.99 USD.

Oh no!

You can do better. This comfy and cute summer dress is not the most expensive one on our list. Don't be sad, at least you have good tastes. It's around $30 USD on Pull and Bear.

Come on. You can do better!

The floral design caught you, right? But we are sorry, you didn't make it. It's Stradivarius and around $35 USD.

Not this one.

It didn't happen. You picked a nice design, but this test is about finding the most expensive one. Come on, try harder! By the way, it's Bershka and around $45 USD.

No luck!

You could do better. You definitely could. This cool black Zara dress is around $40 USD.


You are pretty close, but it's not the one we are looking for. This cool Zara piece is around $60 USD.

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