To All New Moms And Dads! 18 Inevitable Things You'll Experience As A Fresh Parent!


You were once responsible only for yourself but after you have a baby, that responsibility is for two people now. This might become too much, especially after the first year of your child's birth. Your baby will suddenly cry and you just won't know why. It might be hungry, you might have to change its diaper or it might be thirsty. All of this can become too complicated. In this list, you can find some things you'll go through after your baby is born. But whatever the case is, babies are the most adorable things in the world...

1. You'll do an internet search for the phrase "baby with green poo."

2. Your baby will do a poo so big it will come out of the collar of their onesie.😁

3. You'll completely run out of diapers and be forced to improvise.

4. The first time you give your baby medicine, you'll feel like you're giving them poison.

5. You'll want to punch the nurse who gives your baby their first vaccinations.

6. You'll go to the toilet and take the baby with you, in a bouncy chair.😁

7. You'll get out of the shower multiple times because you think you hear your baby crying. They're always asleep.

8. You'll discover that supermarkets have special carts for car seats. Who knew?

9. You'll forget to put a diaper on at all after removing the old one.

10. You'll go to a new baby group and leave without speaking to a single other person, and you'll feel terrible.

11. You'll cry at the doctor's office.

12. You'll take a picture of your baby asleep and your heart will burst a bit.

13. You'll find that one song that will send your baby to sleep or cheer them up, and it will be totally age inappropriate.

14. You'll realize you haven't used your handbag since the day you went into labor.

15. There will be one night, maybe more, where you won't get ANY sleep at all.

16. When your relatives or friends come to your house, they won't like the smell of your baby's poo.

17. You'll develop a list of foods you are confident you can prepare and eat one-handed.

18. And you'll realize that you are showing them EVERYTHING for the first time, what a privilege that is, and how seeing things through their eyes is even better.

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