Timing Is Everything! 20 Photos That Were Captured At The Best Moment

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Photography is a tricky thing. Capturing that specific moment could change your whole game.

1. S.l.i.p.p.e.r.y.

2. Almost succesful?

3. Trying to grab the foul ball, only to fail.

4. A doggo, catching a ball...

5. “The moment I lost my glasses... and all hope.”

6. Right before the mess!

7. I captured this kangaroo smiling for the camera.

8. Oh, no! Not the ice cream!

9. Too late!

10. Standing alone.

11. " At a carrying contest — she didn’t win..."

12. What a team!

13. "Dogzilla."

14. "This is a few seconds after thinking, 'this bag is about to break.'”

15. “Apple picking with my family sometimes becomes violent.”

16. Is that a wizard?

17. Oh boy.

18. Are all seagulls thieves?

19. How to get kissed like a pro(?)

20. How to duck like a pro at the right time:

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