The Next Big Thing: "Fidget Cube!"


Are you also one of those who can't not play with the things around, spin or constantly click your pen, etc?

Fear no more! The world of entrepreneurs is full of projects that "meet needs." In this case, nervous fiddling.  😂 

Let us introduce you to Fidget Cube, which is kicking ass on Kickstarter. You are gonna love it! 😊

Some of us just keep our hands and/or arms still while watching or listening to something, thinking and trying to focus.

As we said before, some spin pens, some tap on the table with their fingers, etc.

If we don't have any other opportunity, men usually play with their beards, and women with their hair.

In short, it takes one to know one, because when these kinds of people have to keep their hands still, they will then move their legs under the table.

Such habits qualify as meditation for some, or for some others, rhythmic background music.

And lack of play-material makes it difficult to focus on whatever we have to focus on at that moment.

Fidget Cube is designed for these people exactly.

It is a small, cubic toy designed for us to play with all day long.

Every side of the cube was designed to meet a different need.

For example, just clicking...

It also has two options: one that makes noise, and one that is silent.

Or turning and spinning...

Or rolling... You can move your thumb serially, as if you were using a joystick.

Or, for instance, just to relieve some of your stress...

It has 8 different color options.

So the aesthetics are also given enough importance.

To sum up, it is a desk toy you can play with silently in your classroom, meetings, exams, etc.

And you won't have to disturb anybody with any kind of noise.

Fidget Cube has received almost 2 million dollars from the Kickstarter campaign. When they started, they asked for $15,000

The fact that it meets a common need, its price advantage, and that it's simple and easy to produce explains why this device has enjoyed this amount of support.

Fidget Cube is expected to be launched into the market soon!

We will see if it is as good as good old pen spinning. 🙂

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