New On Instagram: Rich Kids Of Poor Nigeria

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The "rich kids of Instagram" movement, which started in the US, is quickly spreading! Rich people are encouraged to share their luxurious lifestyle with the whole world. 

Let's face it, the differences between economic classes are disturbing for every country; and especially when it is exposed, it angers people even more.

And if these gaps between different economic classes keep on growing....

Let's go to Nigeria!

Let's learn and keep these facts in mind: Nigeria is 5th biggest petrol producing country. And at the same time, it is one of the poorest countries in the world.

But why? Colonization! 

The natural resources of Africa are not used by the local people, but by the big and "white" companies. Diamonds, petrol, and other mining activities left vast fertile lands unsuitable for agriculture. Africa is dying before the eyes of the whole world. It is bitterly ironic that people starve to death on the most fertile continent of the world.

And now let's see where the word 'comprador" comes from.

This is the name given to the black people who sold their own people to white people who were looking for slaves. These people went as far as whipping and trapping their own people only to sell them to white people for personal profit. These people do not know the feelings of belonging, loyalty, solidarity, and mercy. The only thing that matters is their comfort and gain.

You might be thinking that slavery is now illegal but once you see these photos, you will understand that only its given name has changed, not the practice itself. You will also see that the world sucks as hard as it did hundred years ago.

The rich people of Nigeria lead a whole different life, far away from the streets where it is too dangerous to walk on, where starving people terrorize and are terrorized.

For example, in this photo, Bayo Adewale, Nigerian hip-hop singer and designer, scatters enough money to feed a couple of villages.

He is just throwing it away. Literally.

Emeka Okonkwo is another person who is more fortunate in Nigeria. His family has petrol and real estate business.

You should know that the employees in petrol industry are underpaid, are treated inhumanely, and that these companies destroy Africa's nature. Petrol has no contributions to Nigeria's development at all. It just feeds the big, western companies.

These rich kids travel a lot, they are mostly car enthusiasts and their houses look like a small palace!

These people spend an amount of money for a Versace jacket that regular people would not be able to earn even if they worked all their lives.

Mompha is addicted to Louboutin.

He makes sure that we know he always pays cash for his purchases.

Nigeria has the biggest economy in Africa. It isn't actually surprising that people are this rich.

But the surprising thing is that 150,000 children die every year due to diseases, pollution, and famine in Nigeria.

Minimum wage in Nigeria is around 100 dollars. It is unfortunately not enough to cover some basic needs and rights including education and health care.

And some kids are kicked out of their houses by their families on the grounds that they are "witches."

And meanwhile the rich kids are traveling on their private jets.

Or fly in first class.

Can you judge the people for terrorizing the streets when they are suffering from poverty and injustice?

Boko Haram was born in Nigeria and the Nigerian people have the most sympathy for ISIS among other countries.

Thankfully, a big majority of Nigerians don't have access to Instagram. The rich kids are just showing off to the rest of the world.

And lastly: another car owned by Bayo Adewale!

We wish justice and equity for everyone in the world!

Peace! ✌🏻

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