National Geographic Nature Photographer Of The Year Finalists 2016!


National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year contest receives incredible amount of submissions each year in order to reflect the amazing secrets of the nature in the best possible way. Although, the winners of the contest are not going to be announced until December, we wanted to compile a list of favourite photographs.

The nature is so mysterious yet so beautiful!

***This article was originally published on boredpanda.


1. Dancing in the rain...

2. Hummingbird

3. Bathing in the snowflake...

4. Moving at a snail's pace...

5. Pacific Storm

6. Icescape

7. Under the waves

8. Puffin Studio

9. Mystic Woods

10. Dragging you deep into the woods!

11. Ocean guest

12. Crocodile Waterline

13. Great horned owl returning

14. Alien lights

15. A portrait of "Trapper"

16. Aerial Autumn

17. Engagement present

18. Sandstorm

19. Wild horses

20. Hair lines of zebra

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