Meet Rajgauri, The 12-Year-Old Girl Whose IQ Is Higher Than Albert Einstein & Stephen Hawking!


This incredible young Indian girl, Rajgauri Pawar, lives in Britain, and her IQ is higher than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking! She says she wants to pursue a career in medicine and save lives in the future.

Rajgauri Pawar is currently on top of the world: she has an IQ of 162...

... which is the highest possible IQ a person below 18 years of age can have!

Her IQ also happens to be two points higher than Stephen Hawking, who tested at 160 and even higher than Albert Einstein’s estimated score!

Rajguari’s exceptional IQ score was discovered when she appeared for the British Mensa IQ Test in Manchester this April.

Her scores put her in the top one percentile of everyone who takes the exam around the globe.

Rajgauri says it was not only an incredible feeling to have done so well but also to represent India on such a global scale.

She says, “I am just feeling on top of the world and can’t explain in words. It’s an honor for me to represent India on foreign soil and achieve such a feat.”

Rajgauri is a student of Altrincham Grammar School for Girls, which also expressed pride at her achievement.

Her teachers and parents are delighted with her exceptional performance on the test and they understandably expect her to do great things in life.

As for Rajgauri herself, she dreams of one day saving lives by studying medicine in the future.

She says, “I would like to pursue medicine in the future and am also inclined towards topics including Physics, Astronomy, and Environment.”

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