How Emotionally Intelligent Are You?


It doesn’t matter how good you are in quantitative sciences. This quiz will determine how good you are in recognizing your own and other’s emotions. We’ll give several pictures of people’s eyes and ask you to guess their feelings. Let’s see if you can label them correctly.














150: You’re a super human!

We don’t know about your verbal or mathematical intelligence but we know one thing for sure: your emotional intelligence is very, very high. You can tell how people feel just by looking at them in the eye. This is not an ordinary ability. You must be a super human! Many people can’t understand anything when they stare at others in the eye. Many relationships end just because of that… You don’t need to be super social to have this ability. You just have amazing observation skills. Body language experts have many things to learn from you ;)

130: You’re nobody’s fool.

No one can fool you because you have the ability to understand other’s feelings by just looking at them in the eye. Fear, anxiety, joy, anger… You can understand them all. You’re a true observer, like Sherlock Holmes! You may miss little details sometimes but your observation ability is much more than the average. People have just one thing to do in order to hide their emotions from you: to turn their eyes away. Life is easy for someone like you with high emotional intelligence, but it may be hard for the ones around you ;)

100: You’re on the borderline!

Your observation skills are good but you’re almost at the lower bound.  You can’t always tell what people feel and believe that the most effective way to understand emotions is to talk.  And you’re actually pretty good at it. Details are not that important for you, the important thing is to be open. People should tell you what they feel and shouldn’t expect you to understand it by yourself. You’re a straightforward person, you always share what you feel and expect the same from the people around you.

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