Get Your Facts Straight: 12 Differences Between A Common Cold And Flu!

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> Get Your Facts Straight: 12 Differences Between A Common Cold And Flu!

Almost everyone gets sick during the transition between seasons. There is another problem with this: nobody is quite sure what has brought them down and rarely grasp the severity of the situation and in the end, we don't know what is the right way to tackle it. Don't forget that tens of thousands of people lose their lives due to the flu every year and when you think you only have a common cold, you might actually be suffering from the flu. That's why we have compiled the 12 important differences between these two most common diseases.

1. Body temperature

Flu causes high fever, which means it is more than 100.4 degrees. A common cold, however, doesn't cause fever.

2. Diarrhea

It is possible to experience diarrhea during the course of the flu, but common cold sufferers don't have this problem.

3. Sore throat

While it is known that a sore throat is a thing if you are suffering from the flu, it is rarely the case if you have caught a common cold.

4. Things getting intense and heavy.

A common cold is a rather light disease, the flu can cause bronchitis and pneumonia in later stages.

5. Fatigue

While flu sufferers experience intensive and long-term fatigue, common cold causes a short-term fatigue that doesn't affect our daily lives.

6. Coughing

Coughing is one of the most prominent symptoms of the flu, but is rare in cases of a cold.

7. Sneezing

Here, things go the opposite way: while sneezing is very common in a case of a cold, it is seldom observed in a case of the flu.

8. Vaccination

Although you can prevent the flu with a preventive vaccine, there is no such measure you can take against a common cold, except taking lots and lots of vitamins.

9. Headache

A headache is not one of the symptoms of a common cold, but almost all of us have experienced unbearable headaches while suffering from the flu

10. Nasal blockage

Nasal blockage isn't observed in flu cases, but when you have a cold, it is one of the worst symptoms you can suffer from. It feels very good once you can breathe normally again, though.

11. Vomiting

Vomiting is another symptom of the flu, while it isn't observed in common cold cases.

12. Muscle and body aches

While this isn't observed in common colds, you can't feel good again for a long time after you experience muscle and body aches during the flu.

If your symptoms are compatible with the flu, you shouldn't underestimate your disease and see a doctor as soon as possible.