Find Out Your Relationship IQ!


Sure, sure, you know a lot about relationships; everyone does.. Everyone knows the best and does the right thing.. We don’t have any doubts that you know the right thing also. But what is your relationship IQ? Let’s see how good you are.

1. First of all, how many relationships have you had?

2. Where do you think perfect couples meet each other?

3. Who pays on the first date?

4. In a healthy relationship:

5. Couples:

6. In a good relationship, sex:

7. In a healthy relationship, the sides:

8. Jealousy:

9. Relationships of couples with kids:

10. I need to know all of his/her friends.


Wow! We’ve found the true relationship expert! You know exactly what you’re doing and take careful steps in your relationship. Power struggle is not a thing in your relationships; good for you! Because you don’t need that, you have enough self-confidence and don’t have a big ego! This feature makes your relationships perfect because you’ve discovered the 3 important keys for a healthy relationship: Love, trust and faith. Anyone would fall for you! When are we meeting up? ;)


You’re a relationship-type person if you can find the right one for you! Love is in the center of your relationships; not solely attachment. Freedom is also an important factor for you, so you never try to control your partner. You don’t play games and prefer your partner to act natural also. A cute long term relationship is what you're looking for, so you take your steps accordingly.


You give the maximum amount of effort that you can give to maintain your relationships. We don’t know what you get in return, but time and effort are the most crucial things for you in a relationship. If someone doesn’t give as much effort as you give, you immediately lose your motivation. Your ability for empathy makes it much easier for you to understand your partner’s needs. You would be the master of relationships if you could stop controlling your partner. Just let it go!


When it comes to relationships, you follow the algorithm you have in your mind. It's crazy; you have an exact move for every different behavior of your partner. You stick to your own ideas so much that it makes you narrow-minded. Consequently, you can never maintain a relationship if your partner doesn’t accept them. Plus, your efforts to change your partner always turn out badly. Your relationship perspective is defined by your rules. People would never understand you this way; maybe you should give aliens a try!


You are the master of love with your exceptional communication skills and the impressive amount of importance you give to your partner! Even though you do everything right, it’s not possible to say the same for your partners. Of course, you make some mistakes also. You give so much effort for your relationships, but sometime you lose control. Don't be sad, everyone makes mistakes!


You need a vacation, right now! Relax, stay away from people a little. Observe yourself, read some books and watch movies about human behavior. Why are we talking about things like these in a relationship test? Because you’re going through a difficult time in your life and this is our advice for you to get over it.

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