Did Russian Scientists Discover A Way Into Immortality?


Immortality is one of the most popular topics of sci-fi culture and, of course our dreams. Russian scientists have something important to say about it. Did they just find a way into immortality?

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The name of our scientist is Anatoli Brouchkov.


Brouchkov gave a statement on making eternal life possible with his experiments.

What were these experiments?


It's pretty simple really. He found a 3.5 million year-old bacteria trapped in Siberian icecaps and injected it into his own body.

In the following 2 years, Anatoli states that his immune system got a lot stronger.


The bacteria is a 3.5 million year-old Bacillus F. Anatoli explains that he felt very energetic after the injection, became healthier and didn't even get the flu in 2 years.

He is very passionate about the subject, but he's also cautious.


"I extended my research. We still need more experiments. We have to find how this bacteria prevents aging. How can we use what keeps this bacteria alive for our own good?"

Bacillus F bacteria is one of the ancient bacterias discovered in Siberian ice in 2009.


Since its discovery, this bacteria was injected into animals many times by scientists. It was seen that it extends the life span and increases the birth rates in mice. While the research was continuing on to human cells, Brouchkov injected the bacteria straight into himself.

We have to admit the claims are a little crazy.


It would be too good to be true. You find an ancient bacteria, inject it to yourself and BOOM! you're immortal. It's a little suspicious.

Let's see where science will go from here.

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