Laughing Gas Discovered in Space, Evidence of Alien Life?
For centuries, humans have always been a curious race, interacting with new species of animals, tasting unknown substances, and even inventing new items, yet there has always been one question that we can't get out of our heads: is there life in space? Well the recent discovery of a specific substance in space might just have the answer to this question.
A Psychopath Serial Killer Whose Head's Been Kept In A Jar Since 1841: Diogo Alves
Serial killers. They have been around for many years. These psychopaths spread fear in every era they lived in. But once they were cut and brought to justice, they were executed! There were many execution methods; hanging, electrical chair etc. But the serial killer and the execution method in this post is a bit different than the other ones. Let's see how justice and science served this psychopath!
Have You Ever Noticed How Most Popular Cartoon Characters Are Yellow?
If you close your eyes for a second and think some of your favorite cartoon characters, some of them will probably be yellow. And after I say yellow, you can probably think of many cartoon characters who are yellow. But have you ever stopped to think why so many characters are yellow? Well, somebody has and they seem to have pretty good answers. Today, we'll learn why producers make their character yellow.
27 Psychological Facts That Will Leave You Feeling As Light As A Bird!
Our minds are labyrinths. There is no way of truly understanding its power. Each and every one of us behaves in a different way. We show signs that nobody understands or get signs we never think have even existed. Luckily, there are some things we do subconsciously that have some explanation. Let's see what else we have to learn about psychology and our minds.
The Most Ruthless Japanese Doctor Known For His Brutal Tortures: Shiro Ishii
War is something that can never be accepted. There's not a good way of dying. But some methods used in wars are worse than others and it makes you wish people hadn't died like that. Before, we shared a listicle about the inhumane act that was done in Nazi concentration camps. In this list, we're going to take a look at one these brutal issues. Here is the dark story of Shiro Ishii that caused massacre using the biological warfare techniques in the Second Chinese-Japanese War and the World War II:
How Would A Person's Face Look Like If It Really Fit The Golden Ratio
The Golden ratio is a special number found by dividing a line into two parts so that the longer part divided by the smaller part is also equal to the whole length divided by the longer part. It is often symbolized using phi, after the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet. It is claimed that if a person's face fits the Golden ratio, then we are attracted to them without realizing it. But is this really the case or just another false belief?
The Golden Beauty Ratio Is Actually Secretly Changing Our Perspectives!
Beauty is not as relative of a concept as it is supposed to be, dear friends. Even if there are slight differences between our likes and dislikes, we, with or without realizing it, use a certain ratio. Here we are with the 'Golden Ratio.' The ratio that helps us decide what we like in almost everything.
Why Does Having A Secret Affair Excite People So Much?
Why, why, why? Why is it so exciting for two people to hook up behind closed doors? What makes people cheat on their partners and why do some people just hide their relationships? Well, again, science saves the day. Let's see what science has to say to about these questions!
The Craziest Doctor Ever Who Drank Patients' Vomits To Prove His Theory: Stubbins Ffirth
Not all doctors use their knowledge to serve the evil, like the Japanese one we saw earlier. This one tried to go down the rabbit hole and tried the most awkward and disgusting experiments to prove that yellow fever was not an infectious disease. Stubbins Ffirth ( 1784 - 1820 ), is probably one of the craziest doctors who did such things to prove his point. Here is his story:
These 3 Questions Can Only Be Answered By Geniuses Or Schizophrenics!
Could you ever guess that the answers you give can reveal your psychological state?  Some questions are used by psychologists to understand weather patients need professional help or to test if they’re geniuses. Bright Side found 3 of those key questions.Let’s see what kind of psychological stage you’re in.
16 Cyberpunk Books You Should Read Before Being Swallowed By Dystopia
Cyberpunk is a subgenre of science fiction. It is generally set in the future where advanced technological and scientific achievements, such as information technology and cybernetics, are juxtaposed with a degree of breakdown or radical change in the social order. Plots often center on conflict between artificial intelligences, hackers, and mega corporations.We’ve collected 16 books that you should read even if you’re not a fan of the genre. After all, cyberpunk is now more relevant than ever, and you might want to prepare yourself for an even more weird world!Book descriptions were taken from Wikipedia.
15 Documentaries About Space That Will Put You In Awe Of The Universe!
Here we are with another movie list for the space geeks out there. These 15 space documentaries show the vastness of the universe and our struggle to comprehend it. Most of them include the things we already know, but they also ask important questions which are waiting to be answered!👽🌌Storylines were taken from IMDb and Wikipedia.
9 Mind Blowing Math Equations True Geeks Should Know!
For most of us, math equations are nothing but series of numbers we memorize just to pass an exam, and we usually forget all about them immediately. However, especially for mathematicians, they are almost like works of art. They derive aesthetic pleasure from their work, and from mathematics in general. Here are 11 examples to show you that math is actually really really cool!
10 Of The Most Disturbing And Weird Science Experiments Ever Conducted
Real life science stories are sometimes scarier and weirder than Frankenstein. No matter how absurd and meaningless they sound, scientists did actually try to create animals that glow in the dark, and they even tried to stick two dog heads together. Here are 10 of those bizarre cases in the history of science.
Science Explains The Sense Of Calm We Feel After Crying
Crying often leaves us feeling weak, beaten, and helpless. We can barely hold it or control it once it starts. Sometimes it gets so bad that we can't breathe well anymore. It is definitely tiring and not fun but at the same time, it is very relaxing once it is over. We feel a sense of calm once we are done with this strange behavior that is almost a reflex.Let's see the science behind that feeling of calm following a good cry:
15 Out-Of-This-World Carl Sagan Quotes About The Cosmos, Love, and Earth!
American astronomer, cosmologist, astrophysicist, astrobiologist, and science communicator Carl Sagan is one of the most unforgettable figures who popularized science to a vast number of people by making it more interesting than ever. He was known for being the author of the TV series Cosmos: A Personal Voyage produced in the 1980s, which was described by David Itzkoff of The New York Times as 'a watershed moment for science-themed television programming.' And here we are with 15 of his most memorable quotes to remind you that science is the savior you’ve been looking for!
The Scary Disorder That Makes You Eat Yourself: Dermatophagia
This illness, which is pretty common, is actually a psychological disorder. When you think about it, you know many people around you who eat their nail skins. Though it is common to see lots of people do it in public, it hasn't had much research done in the medical field. Let's take a closer look at what this disorder is.
24 Crazy Facts About Quantum Physics That'll Blow You Away
Do you like surfing deep inside your mind?How about learning new things and getting lost in the infinite world of knowledge?We've done our research and found a lot of things about quantum physics and how it can change our world. Read the article and start wondering the possibilities of the future and what it has in store for us!
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