Archaeologists Restore Biblical Inscriptions In Israel Using Geomagnetic Field
Researchers from Hebrew University and Tel Aviv University (TAU) in Jerusalem worked together on a study that perfectly brought to light the exact period of 21 ravaged settlements at 17 different archaeological sites in Israel by modifying the parameters of our planet's magnetic field which were written in charred remains.
Laughing Gas Discovered in Space, Evidence of Alien Life?
For centuries, humans have always been a curious race, interacting with new species of animals, tasting unknown substances, and even inventing new items, yet there has always been one question that we can't get out of our heads: is there life in space? Well the recent discovery of a specific substance in space might just have the answer to this question.
A Psychopath Serial Killer Whose Head's Been Kept In A Jar Since 1841: Diogo Alves
Serial killers. They have been around for many years. These psychopaths spread fear in every era they lived in. But once they were cut and brought to justice, they were executed! There were many execution methods; hanging, electrical chair etc. But the serial killer and the execution method in this post is a bit different than the other ones. Let's see how justice and science served this psychopath!
Have You Ever Noticed How Most Popular Cartoon Characters Are Yellow?
If you close your eyes for a second and think some of your favorite cartoon characters, some of them will probably be yellow. And after I say yellow, you can probably think of many cartoon characters who are yellow. But have you ever stopped to think why so many characters are yellow? Well, somebody has and they seem to have pretty good answers. Today, we'll learn why producers make their character yellow.
27 Psychological Facts That Will Leave You Feeling As Light As A Bird!
Our minds are labyrinths. There is no way of truly understanding its power. Each and every one of us behaves in a different way. We show signs that nobody understands or get signs we never think have even existed. Luckily, there are some things we do subconsciously that have some explanation. Let's see what else we have to learn about psychology and our minds.