Cute Kitty Yana, Teaching Us Being Two-Faced Ain't Always Bad! :)


Being two-faced is mostly thought to be a bad thing, unless you are Yana; because the cat you are about to see has unique marks. It looks like someone was painting her and they ran out of ink. :)

This adorable kitty's name is Yana.

This beauty was spotted last year in July in an ad posted on Nasha Niva, a Ukrainian website, for the first time.

She was looking for a new home.

And it didn't take her long to succeed!

Now she lives in Belarus with Elizabeth, who studies architecture and design.

With her 16,000 followers on Instagram, she has become yet another Internet phenomenon cat.

Is anybody surprised?

Of course not!

How can anybody not fall in love with this?

We hope that the year 2017 brings lots of love, cat food, luck and only the most fun cat games to this little baby!

Good luck, beautiful Yana! 😍❤
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