"Combo Photos": Clever Mash-ups Combining Daily Objects!


It's all about seeing the possibilities and thinking outside the box. Stephen McMennamy is an American photographer combining two random daily objects in a way that they are meant to be together. The idea might sound simple but the results are very aesthetically pleasing.

Scroll down to see it for yourself!

1. Dipper dredger + Ice Cream

2. Earphones + Donuts

3. Spray Paint + Water Wose

4. Cigarette + Chimney

5. Tomato + Boxing Glove

6. Corn + Banana

7. Ice Cream + Excavator

8. Palm Tree + Elephant

9. Sand + Ice Cream Cone

10. Human + Statue of Liberty

11. Pineapple + Grenade

12. Ferris wheel + Bike wheel

13. Lightbulb + Football Helmet

14. Rubber Band + Bungee Ride

Don't forget to check out Stephen McMennamy's work!

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